Living Proof Loves

If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a week or so you’ll know that I have a long standing love affair with the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Treatment, the perfect minimal maintenance, all in one styling routine for my tempestuous hair. Well while I was styling my hair last week I realised, I very rarely talk about the other products from Living Proof that float my boat, so here we are. 
Not a hair wash goes by where I don’t use the Living Proof Restore Instant Repair Treatment, I coat the lengths of my hair with it post shower to help tackle dryness and heat damage. This stuff is great, I notice a real difference in the quality of my hair when I use this, and it works double time as a de-tangler too. 
When I need my hair to go longer between washes, I reach for the Living Proof Prime Style Extender Cream, which does exactly what it says on the, err, tube. Depending how I style my hair, I can get an extra day or two out of my hair, which comes in handy a lot!
And lastly, for days when I’m opting to go au naturale on the styling front, I go to town with the Living Prime Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream. This heaven sent product fights the natural frizz of my curly hair and leaves me with sleek and manageable locks.
Have you tried anything from Living Proof?