A More Mindful Home

One of my goals for 2016 is to embrace the concept of mindfulness more at home. Mindfulness is always something I try to embrace throughout my daily life, but I’m definitely guilty of neglecting to simplify my home. I’m taking part in Sas Petherick’s My Mindful Year, so I figured it was the perfect time to rectify this!

Minimise Bedroom Clutter 

Living in London means every square inch of space is precious, so our little bedroom is home to a lot of furniture and possessions. It’s not the most conducive space to sleep and relaxation, so I decided to have a big sort out. I boxed up things I didn’t really need to have here to send back to my parents, moved my cluttered dressing table to the far side of the room (it was next to my bedside table), and streamlined what was left. I replaced our patterned sheets with plain white bedding (with a super high thread count cause I’m worth it), and tried to clear all the surfaces. The result? Our bedroom is a much calmer space and both Connor and I much prefer it!

Make the Bedroom a Tech-Free Zone 

Whilst I’m not  quite ready to sacrifice the TV (I love my Sunday mornings snuggling in bed watching Parks & Rec), I’m totally ready to ban laptops & have a phone curfew. Connor and I are both guilty of turning our desktop computers off, and then getting into bed with our laptops for another hour. No more! Instead I’ve designated a specific place for laptops to stay overnight & charge that’s out of the bedroom! As for phones, I’ve instigated a ‘no phones in bed’ rule that should stop me from obsessively checking Instagram at midnight.

Have a Journalling Routine

Now that I’m no longer doing my 10 Happy Things weekly round up posts here, I wanted to make sure I was still documenting the happy things. This gratitude journal from Kikki K sits on my bedside table with a pen, and I’ve made it part of my bedtime routine to fill it in each evening with three happy things from the day. It means I’m always ending the day on a positive.

Replace Desk Clutter with Inspiration

I’ve taken down everything adorning the wall above my desk (fairy lights, postcards and assorted junk), and gotten rid of the jars of washi tape, stacks of notebooks and assorted cables that were cluttering up my desk. Instead, I took inspiration from Caroline’s workspace DIY memoboard and turned it into an inspiration station, and added a photo frame from Cheerz with photos of my favourite people.