Mini Stationery Haul

There’s nothing quite like a little stationery haul to perk up my boring old week. I’m not sure it’s normal to get so excited about stationery, but hey, it’s the little things, right?
I popped to Hobby Craft this week, on the hunt for a pen to cheat calligraphy. I love beautiful inky handwriting, which is something I definitely don’t have. I’m left handed and my teacher in primary school basically though left handed people weren’t worth teaching handwriting, so my chicken scrawl leaves a little to be desired. I found this pen in the calligraphy aisle, it’s a flat tipped felt tip essentially, which means it gives the effect of pretty calligraphy without any effort. It was only a pound, and I want to use it in my Project Life scrapbook!
I also picked up this pretty mint sketchbook, for practicing different calligraphy styles too, it’s pretty, got gorgeous thick pages, and was a steal at £1.80! I also picked up this pretty starry notebook in the sale, for keeping in my handbag for on the go notes!
I managed to resist buying a ton of Project Life bits, but I did pick up these little sticky notes from the SmashBook section. I figured they’d be cute for my scrapbook, but also in my planner.
I popped into Home Sense after, which is normally my downfall, but I actually only picked up one thing that I needed, a little set of cute notecards! I love the pastel pink and the gold foil, these will be perfect for sending to my friends, and to use as thank you cards!

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  • Fabi

    I loved the notecards and the sketchbook! I like to buy stationery too, but right now I own too many journals and sketchbooks and I feel quite guilty purchasing more! (Yet, buying stationery is, for some strange reason, very fun!).

    Fabi |

  • Allie Cleve

    I went a bit crazy on hobbycraft the other day, ordered a scrapbook for my best friend's birthday but I didn't want to pay £3.50 shipping for a £5 book so I bought lots of stickers and washi tape… oops! Love the stickers!

  • I picked up those notecards this week too! So pretty aren't they!? X

  • I do get excited over stationary. I'm excited over that mint notebook, because apart from stationary I'm also obsessed about minty colours. There, I said it.

    I'm also very picky about my own handwriting, I don't like it so much. I was that person that redid notes at school sometimes if she didn't like the handwriting she made. Then I grew up and became too lazy for that, but still. xD

    Oh, and I also been thinking about getting a Project Life album, but I don't seem to find one around Cork. Will keep searching, or maybe order online at some point.

  • Bethan

    There is nothing better than buying stationary! Home Sense is one of my favourite shops, I love that notepad!

  • It makes me unreasonably happy!

  • YOU AREN'T ALONE CARLA, I BOUGHT IT BECAUSE IT WAS MINT! I used to do that too! Have a look on amazon, that's where I get most of my bits from!

  • Hobby Craft is my nemesis. Plus student discount. Allll about washi tape!

  • I know, I so don't need anymore but I'm pretty sure buying stationery is one of my hobbies, how sad is that?