3 Things: For Tired Eyes

I can’t remember the last time I woke up and didn’t immediately want to go straight back to sleep. Left to their own devices, my eyes are trying to close for at least the first six hours of the day.The first thing that helps is going straight in with my Optrex Eye Drops, which I like because they’re literally just saline solution, so they aren’t bad for you, but they really help get rid of that dry itchy feeling first thing, and help your eyes feel a little more human!I follow up with my new favourite thing, the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy, the metal tip applicator cools and depuffs the under eye area, which feels like AMAZING WITCHCRAFT. Sometimes I reapply this throughout the day just because it FEELS SO GOOD. While the applicator works its cooling soothing magic, cream hydrates and conceals under eye bags. Best. Eye Cream. Ever.The last thing isn’t a beauty product as lifestyle saviour. I’ve taken to sleeping with an eye mask, I sleep with the lights off anyway, but this really does seem to improve the quality of my sleep, and how rested my eyes feel. I’ve also been trying to take twenty minutes out midday, to relax, rest and regroup, and popping this on and lying down in bed with my Headspace app has been doing wonders, not just for my eyes but my general mind set too! This one is from Victoria’s Secret, and I like it because it doesn’t feel tight, and it’s super soft! It’s pretty cute too!What are your tired eye saviours?

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