Books I Read in May

May has been SUCH a fun reading month. I’m definitely a mood reader at the best of times, but I’ve really followed my heart this month, and read whatever strikes my fancy. It’s been a good month!

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When Women Were Dragons – Kelly Barnhill*

I worked with the publishers of this book to create a sponsored Tiktok this month, which was super fun! When Women Were Dragons is pitched as magical realism historical fiction, it focuses on gender inequality in the 1950’s but plot twist – the wronged women are filled with rage and turn into dragons. Yeah, I know, it was excellent.

Now it’s a little slow to get started, but that’s because it’s written memoir style from our protagonists point of view, and starts with recollections of her childhood. We uncover more of what’s going on as Alex’s understanding grows, and I found myself desperate to piece together what was going on. Chapters are also interspersed with academic style research on the ‘mass dragoning’, which was really unique!

Ultimately, this is a book on the power of sisterhood, what it means to be a woman, what makes a family. It’s a powerful feminist novel & honestly a timely read.


I Kissed Shara Wheeler – Casey McQuiston

One of my most anticipated reads of 2022 and yes, it lived up to the hype. I used two whole packs of sticky tabs highlighting sections I loved in this book. A contemporary queer YA love story set in the bible belt, this isn’t just your typical coming of age romance.

Casey McQuiston is an absolute MASTER of characters, they’re so incredibly real and complex, and so much thought has gone into their relationships with each other. Whilst the main relationship arc is the romantic relationship between Chloe and Shara, it was actually the friendships that Chloe made along the way that really stood out here.

This book is the pinnacle of queer rep, and I only wish there were more books like this. We’ve got every shade of the Pride flag in these pages, but the characters never fall into flat stereotypes of their sexuality, they’re so well rounded and whole. This book is a queer positivity beacon, and I just want to thrust it into the hands of every pal I have.


Such A Good Liar – Sue Wallman*

A fast paced YA Mystery/thriller, featuring a LOT of good outfits. One teen is on a quest for revenge, and she’s not afraid of what she’ll have to do to get it.

This is such a fun summer read, it’s paced well, set on a sunshiney island, and has that glamorous Gossip Girl vibe featuring villainous teens you’ll love to hate.

A fast paced read to binge in a day, and then pass to your little sister so you can discuss it on holiday.


For The Throne – Hannah Whitten*

I’ve already done a full review of this one which you can read here, but the gist is folkloric fantasy, morally grey love interests, and a world on the brink of collapse. It was SO good.


Payback’s A Witch – Lana Harper

Imagine the Triwizard Tournament, set in Halloweentown, with a hot bisexual love story. That’s Payback’s A Witch and yes, you should read it.

This is such a fun and atmospheric read, definitely not seasonal, but add it to your autumn TBR.


If This Gets Out – Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich

If you’re a fan of Heartstopper, this should be your next read. The wholesome secret love story of Zach and Reuben, who happen to be in one of the world’s biggest boyband together. I loved ALL the characters of this book so much, I just want to scoop them up into a hug. Whilst the love story between Zach and Reuben was everything you’ve ever wanted in a contemporary YA romance novel, what I really loved in this book was the steady escalation of all the boys struggling to deal with the pressures of fame and their management company. It was so cleverly written, and I really felt my heart breaking for each of the boys at one point or another.


From Bad To Cursed – Lana Harper

What are the chances that after randomly picking up Payback’s a Witch after buying it months ago, the day I finally decided to read it was the day Lana Harper’s next book came out? Well, I took it as a sign I’d better order it sharpish.

Set in the same magical world of Thistle Grove as Harper’s previous book, this one is set during the witches celebration of Beltane. At the start of celebrations, the May Queen is hit with a nasty curse that rids her of her magic, and our enemies to lovers romance pairing has to partner together to solve the mystery before anyone else gets hurt. We’ve got magic, queer rep, adorable romance, and even anxiety rep in this one. Just as fun as Lana’s last book, and perfect witchy spring vibes!


What did you read in May?