15 Ways I’m Hunting for Summer Magic

This week’s solstice marks the official beginning of summer, even if the weather hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet. It’s no secret that autumn is my favourite season, but I’m a big believer in making the most of every day, even when they come in my least favourite season…

It’s not summer’s fault really. I am super sensitive to heat, so as soon as the temperature is above 22 I get nothing done. I’m super prone to heat rash, I hate being sweaty and wasps can absolutely do one. But despite my grumbles and complaints, there’s a lot to be enjoyed in summer, so here’s my list of moments to make the most of…

1. Wake up early. Make the most of those early morning sunlight hours when nobodies up and about. It’s the best time to get a daily walk in somewhere beautiful & quiet, to journal your goals for the week, and to practice self care before the day gets away from you. And if you get up early you can…

2. Have a siesta! If you’re like me and entirely unproductive in the heat, this is actually a really smart way to make the most of summer days – if you can! Also is there anything more decadent than an afternoon nap?

3. Eat all the fresh seasonal fruit. It’s fruit salad season baby. I’m living off fresh melon, tomatoes from my nan’s greenhouse and strawberries grown in the New Forest.

4. Swim in the sea every chance I get. Okay, so my first dip in the sea this year went kinda poorly, but it can only go up, right? I’m trying to conquer my fear of weever fish and, er, all other fish, and there’s something about swimming in the sea that just makes you feel so grounded and alive.

5. Add some summer beach reads to the TBR. I read Malibu Rising this month and it was the perfect start, got any more summery read recs?

6. Plan sunset wine picnics. An ice cold bottle of rosé, a fresh baguette, a wedge of brie and some fresh strawberries, to watch the summer sun bleed into night. Yes please.

7. Explore more of the forest. We’ve gotten stuck in a walk rut this last year, but now armed with my trusty Ordnance Survey Map I want to get off of the beaten path and into the wilderness a bit more.

8. Make our own ice lollies. I bought moulds last year and never got around to using them, it’s time to make some delicious dairy free cold treats.

9. Wear my prettiest summer dresses every chance I get. I didn’t leave the house much last summer so my warm weather wardrobe didn’t get the love it deserves. I’m definitely going to channel Main Character Energy a la Mish and wear my favourite pretty dresses even if it’s just to the supermarket.

10. Spend as much time phone free as possible. After the great phone drowning of last week, the first day without my phone was AWFUL. I felt lost, there are so many things to be googled, so many instagrams to like, I couldn’t even check the weather. The first day may have been awful, but the second was almost, nice? I went to the beach and for lunch with a friend and without my phone I was so much more present, and that’s a big summer 2021 goal.

11. Try out some dip recipes. I saw one for a butter bean dip that sounds amazing, and it is the season for crudites after all.

12. Perfect my at home iced coffee recipe. It’s good, but it could be better. I might try making my own brown sugar syrup!

13. Visit the Pick Your Own farm. Is there anything as good as freshly picked berries? I’m looking forward to corn cobs on the barbecue and making rhubarb crumbles.

14. Nights in front of the firepit. My parents have had a fire pit for the better part of ten years and I think I’ve sat in front of it twice. I’m picturing giant marshmallows and icy cold white port.

15. Get back to outdoor yoga. We are so lucky to have a plethora of park and beach yoga classes running for free in the summer here! Last year they mostly got cancelled but this year I’m desperate to get back, mindful movement + a dose of vitamin d in a beautiful spot? Yes please!

This summer will be a little different what with my dissertation deadline looming & us trying to stay as Covid safe as possible, but I’m looking forward to carving out some summer magic wherever we can!

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