The January Reading Round Up

I didn’t read a single book in the first two weeks of January and then I powered through five, so I’m calling that a win. Reading comes in fits and starts for me, I’m usually either racing through five books a week or reading nothing for months. I’m finding at the moment that my Uni reading list is slowing me down, forcing yourself to read something you’re not into always dulls the shine of other books in my experience.

That said, there’s been a mix of titles in my reading list this month so without further ado, I’ll dive in!

The Bone Houses – Emily Lloyd-Jones

If I’d realised this book was essentially about zombies beforehand I wouldn’t have read it. Thank god I didn’t.

This book weaves folklore with irresistible magic, a valiant quest, and a fairy tale forest – basically all my favourite things. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that incorporates welsh folklore but this was so well researched and really kept the magic of original lore.

This book is an incredibly detailed dark and spooky fantasy, and I found myself unable to put this book down. I was desperate to find out more about the beautifully haunted forest this realm existed within. I loved the slowburn romance between Ellis and Ryn, let’s have more romantic leads who are soft spoken kind men who make maps please. And my favourite fantasy trope of all, a strong woman who will defend her family at all costs.

There is also a goat called Goat, what more do you need to know.

Getting Started in Writing Young Adult Fiction – Juliet Mushens

If you are a writer I implore you to read this book – whether YA is your bag or not. Mushens shares invaluable advice from idea to published book, in an easy accessible format. Having insight from such a successful literary agent is incredibly useful, and Mushens is a fountain of clear, simple advice. I particularly loved her suggestions for plotting – the things to know before you get writing, the questions to ask yourself whilst making structural edits, and the advice for approaching agents. One all writers should read.

A Vow So Bold and Deadly – Brigid Kemmerer

A fitting finale to the trilogy. If YA Fantasy is your bag, this Beauty and the Beast inspired trilogy is a must read. Without giving anything away, I will say it’s refreshing to see a series like this without a traditional happy ending. Not everything falls into storybook, picture-perfect place, and I really liked that.

This series is one of my favourites, it’s everything good YA Fantasy should be.

Lowborn – Kerry Hudson

Another read from my University reading list and I struggled with this one. It’s well written and definitely interesting, but it’s pretty bleak. It follows the authors journey through I found myself getting distracted from my phone a lot, and when I did read more, I’d have to put the book down for a break after a chapter because I felt myself getting low. It’s a good read but definitely be prepared for it to be a rough one.

How The King of Elfhame Learned To Hate Stories – Holly Black

This book is undeniably beautiful, the illustrations are the stuff of dreams. I really enjoyed dipping back into the world of Elfhame, and these peeks into Cardan’s mind are delicious. I found this left me wanting though, it’s very short (yes I know it’s a novella but even so) and I do think the £15.99 price tag is pretty steep.

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What did you read this month?