Sometimes Surviving is Enough

I think in Lockdown #97 or whatever we’re on now we’ve all stopped pretending we’re being super productive, so that’s nice. All pretences of sourdough bread baking, new language learning, pilates every day-ing have gone out the window, and most of us are calling clean sweatpants a win.

This descent into acceptance feels like a bit of a double edged sword. Whilst shedding the expectation of thriving during a pandemic is a good thing, it’s a slippery slope from Zoom meetings in your pyjamas to full mental breakdown (anyone else slipping down that particular slide at least three times a week right now?)

I wanted to share some of the things I’m doing to try and keep a grip on reality, and if you have any tips too please do leave them in the comments. It’s tough times and we’re all just struggling along.

Getting dressed every day, even if it is just into clean pyjamas. 

The basis of my morning routine has to stay the same, even if we’re talking the bare minimum. Clean comfies, wash face, brush hair. Makeup helps but let’s face it, it’s non essential. Those few steps to refresh myself are often the only thing stopping me crawling straight back into bed.

Walking outside every day.

The government have done a lot wrong, but I’m pretty sure the rule allowing outdoor exercise is the only thing keeping a lot of us intact right now. Now don’t get me wrong, I do skip this at least once a week, and every time I regret it. That time outside stops me feeling like I’m going stir crazy, wakes my brain up, wakes my body up, and gives me fresh perspective. We’ve perfected our 2 mile round loop for weekdays and it’s my most favourite part of the day.

Set boundaries where you need to.

Whether you’re working from home and need to set clear work/play boundaries, whether time online is getting too much, if you’re struggling with constant texting and calling and zooming, or maybe there’s someone in your life who is having a very different pandemic experience to you. Set those boundaries, put yourself first.

Take self care back to basics.

It doesn’t always have to be spa days and pampering. Right now for me self care looks like turning my phone off, drinking enough water, walking outside and showering every day. It doesn’t have to be more than that if that’s all you have in you.

Things to look forward to.

A FaceTime with your parents, a coffee from your local independent, a new book in the mail, a fancy pizza in your food shop. Whatever it is, give yourself things to look forward to throughout the week.

Keep looking for the magic.

It might be hard to find right now, but it’ll be impossible if you stop looking for it. Not every day is good, but there is good in every day, keep an eye out for it, and write it down for when you need a reminder.

And if all you managed to do today is wake up, I’m still proud of you.