How To Keep Your Sanity Whilst Social Distancing

I feel like my whole life has been gearing up to this moment. Social distancing is basically what I’ve spent most of the last four years doing – yay chronic illness life! So if you’re thinking about social distancing during these tumultuous times, or perhaps the dreaded Coronavirus has taken that choice from you, I’ve got your back (and your mental health) sorted.

Maintain healthy habits.

Social distancing doesn’t mean you need to bury yourself on the sofa for weeks with a bag of Doritos and your good pals Ben and Jerry (although, that’s not to say you should NEVER do that, everything I’m moderation etc etc). In fact, keeping up your usual healthy habits is paramount to helping you feel good. There’s no evidence to say that going for a run, hike, or cycle will increase your risk of catching something, providing you steer clear of busy areas. It’s really easy to work out at home, even if that’s just a few stretches on your living room floor. And whilst I know the world is going past a stockpile crazy, there’s still plenty of access to fresh fruits and veggies out there, and companies like Riverford will even deliver them straight to your door. We stocked up on plenty of frozen veggies too, and I’m making sure to not snack on too much junk, and drink tons of water.

Make dates with your friends!

Social distancing doesn’t mean being antisocial, there are plenty of ways to enjoy each other’s company remotely. Start a group chat with your pals whilst you all binge the same series, FaceTime each other while you cook & eat a meal together, chat on the phone whilst you spring clean the house. Swap your girls night for a FaceTime date with a glass of wine. And yet engaging on social media too, you’ll be amazed at how many fulfilling, meaningful interactions you can have online.

Be a little bit extra with your everyday.

Stop saving things for best, treat yourself to a little boujie luxury to break up the day. You might not be able to pop out to your favourite coffee shop, but you could stock up on some of their beans, serve your morning coffee in your favourite mug, and take a little extra time to warm and froth milk for it. Set up your table all fancy for dinner, sprinkle flower petals in your bubble bath, wear your favourite outfit to work from home. It’ll help make you feel good (and also provide some extra insta content for when you’ve used up all your outdoors photos).

Embrace easy rhythms.

Okay, your usual routine might be out of whack, but there is comfort and happiness to be found in embracing easy everyday rhythms. I spoke about this a lot I’m this post, so I won’t blather on, but find structure and comfort in daily rhythms.

Will you be social distancing this season?