An October Could Do List

And just like that, October is upon us and there’s no more denying that we’re in Autumn. The leaves are changing fast here, the weather has turned from stiflingly warm to downright dismal, and it feels like things might finally be slowing down.

Instead of my usual monthly to do list, I wanted to share a could do list instead. I kind of feel like now is a time for no pressure, slowing down, and just going with the flow a little, and so the idea of some nice ‘we could do’s’ sat better with me than ‘we need to do’. So, here are some things you could do in October. You know, if you fancy it.

an october could do list jaye rockett

Have a pumpkin-carving, cooking party with your pals. Inspired by this insta, this is high on my could do list for the month. We’re long overdue a girls’ night, so why not embrace the season, carve pumpkins together, then use the insides to create some delicious pumpkin themed dishes. Pumpkin soup, a pumpkin risotto, or my favourite pumpkin cookies.

Treat yourself to some spooky new pyjamas. I’ve got my eye on these.

an october could do list jaye rockett

Bake a crumble with foraged blackberries. The blackberry bushes near us seem to be a little behind schedule, and aren’t quite ripe for picking. I’m going to head out in search of some this weekend and bake what I can find into a warming, cinnamon spiced crumble. Mmmmm.

Work on some seasonal journaling. I’ve been in a period of busy, where I haven’t made time to journal. I find journaling so beneficial to my mental health, it calms me, focuses me, helps me identify my goals and what I want. I’m going to try and ease back into it with some of these.

an october could do list jaye rockett

Visit a farmer’s market. Tis the season to embrace fresh produce. We have a great local farmer’s market near us where I’m guaranteed to find piles of fresh apples, squash, corn and berries, and you’ll never taste produce so delicious. I just need to work on getting out of bed on a Sunday in time…

Treat yourself to some autumnal Lush goodies. Nothing says autumn like a sparkly pumpkin scented bath. I’ve already picked up a stash of Yog Nog shower gel and body conditioner, as well as a Punkin Pumpkin bath bomb!

Have a lazy duvet day. You already know I’m an advocate for the autumnal duvet day. I’ve got another one scheduled for this weekend, and we’re going to experiment with pumpkin pancakes!

Figure out what exercise looks like this season. Because I won’t be getting up and going to the gym early that’s for sure. Right now, I’m thinking evening stretches on the yoga mat, afternoon swims, and weekend hikes in the forest.

 an october could do list jaye rockett

What could you do this October?