An Easy Autumn Fruit Crumble

Is there anything in this world more seasonally appropriate than hot fruit crumble in Autumn? I love snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket, listening to the Sunday afternoon rain and tucking into a bowl of sweet, warm crumble. With that in mind, I set about trying to find a recipe for a crumble that I could knock up quickly when the mood strikes (or when I had some fruit that needed using up).

Blackberry Raspberry crumble

The beauty of this recipe is you can really use any fruit you have lying about, and any ingredients you have in your cupboard. This time, I used blackberries and raspberries that I picked at the weekend, but it works with apple, pear, fig, strawberries, I’ve even used nectarines before. If you don’t like cinnamon you can skip it, and add vanilla essence or ginger, and if you’re out of oats you can use extra flour. I like the oats because they give a good crunch, and sometimes I use all oats, and make it more like a flapjack.

Easy fruit crumble

The recipe is so easy that you can have it in the oven in under 10 minutes, and in your mouth in 30. I like to serve mine with double cream or caramel ice cream, but my parents like it with custard, so it’s pretty flexible!
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The perfect lazy-baker’s Sunday recipe!