How To Host A Girls’ Night (Without Breaking The Bank)

Girls’ night has become a regular feature in my calendar, and I’m not mad about it. Getting together with my gals for drinks, food, giggles and general late night shenanigans is good for the soul, and we’ve been trying to get one in the diary every other month or so.

Boozy nights in though can still run expensive, but luckily all my gals are in a similar financial situation – all our disposable income is going to savings, so keeping the cost down is in all of our best interests. I’ve hosted a few of these now, and we’ve always managed to keep costs minimal, so I thought I’d share a few tips.

girls night jaye rockett

Plan in advance.

It’s much easier to keep costs low if there’s an element of good planning at play. The more expensive girls’ nights we’ve had have been the impromptu ones, with a panic run to the supermarket for wine, a pizza order because there’s no food, and a late night run to a corner shop for more (overpriced) wine, because there wasn’t enough. Plan your night in advance, and think about what food and drink you need to pick up, so you can shop carefully and not spend needless money on convenience.

girls night jaye rockett

Ask everyone to bring a round.

This actually turns into quite a fun game! Ask your pals to bring enough for a round of drink, an affordable bottle of rosé will always go down well, but last girls’ night we all bought the ingredients for our favourite cocktails to make! We had a round of frosé, a round of strawberry gin and cream soda cocktails, blood orange gin spritzes and a rather amazing watermelon rum concoction served in real watermelons! It spreads the cost out for everyone and is a great way to try a few new drinks too!

girls night jaye rockett

Batch cook something simple and delicious.

Our girls’ night favourite? Connor’s famous mac and cheese! It’s simple, easy to chuck together, a total crowd pleaser and most importantly, cheap as chips. A few bags of pasta, a pint of milk and a block of cheese, it doesn’t get easier than that. Nobody needs a three course gourmet dinner for girls night, they need simple tasty carbs to soak up the alcohol!

girls night jaye rockett

Discuss expectations with your girls in advance.

It’s a lot easier to keep costs low if everyone’s on board. And 99% of the time I’m pretty sure you’ll find everyone’s keen to save some cash. A simple text laying out that you want to host a girls’ night but keep costs low for everyone will likely be much appreciated. You’ll probably find they’ll jump in and offer to bring something anyway, but let them know what you’ll be providing (in my case, a few bottles of rosé and a tureen of mac and cheese) and tell them to bring anything else they may want. In the case of last girls night this worked perfectly, everyone bought a round of drinks and a few snacks, and we were good to go!

girls night jaye rockett

Good friends will always understand, so don’t put off your girls’ night for the sake of finances! A great night doesn’t have to cost the earth, and in fact, it shouldn’t!