5 Things I’m Doing Before Summer Ends

And just like that, it’s August, and we’re holding on to the last remaining days of summer. Summer always seems to fly by and in England especially, it feels like the warmest days are behind us. And whilst I’m Autumn’s number one cheerleader, I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, so here’s what I’d like to do before summer ends.

things to do before summer ends jaye rockett

A family barbecue.

Normally May through September is Rockett Family Barbecue Season, and you’ll find our clan gathered in my parents garden for juicy burgers, minty potatoes and caprese salad. This year though, summer seems to have slipped by without a full family gathering, and that just won’t do. We’ve all been busy, but this week I want to nail down a day for us to get together!

things to do before summer ends jaye rockett

Have a clear out.

Despite the fact I pretty much wear the same three outfits on repeat, my wardrobe is bursting at the seams. I’m long overdue a proper clear out, recycle clothes past their best, pass on pieces that aren’t getting enough love, and organise what’s left. The rest of the house could benefit from a bit of a clear out too, maybe it’s time to reread Marie Kondo, and spark some decluttering joy, in time for autumnal nesting.

things to do before summer ends jaye rockett

Finishing home touches.

I feel like I’ll never quite be 100% done with home tweaks and so on, but there are a few things that I’m keen to get done before autumn rolls around. We’ve had a new bedroom blind in our hall waiting to be installed for MONTHS now, our bathrooms need a lick of paint to touch up a few areas, and I desperately want to get some curtains for our lounge, to make cosy autumn evenings that bit cosier. I’m also seeing autumn candles pop up in stores already, so maybe it’s time to pick up a few of those too?

More beach time.

Last summer I got in the habit of leaving work a little early, then heading down to the beach for the last hour or two of sun. This year, other than a few weekend walks I’ve definitely not spent as much time at the beach, which is a downright waste of the gorgeous Bournemouth coast ten minutes from my front door. I’ve looked at the weather report for the next week and pencilled in two beach afternoons, I want to make the most of having this on my doorstep!

things to do before summer ends jaye rockett

Book an end of summer break.

We’ve skipped over our usual summer holiday this year, mostly because we’ve both been manic with work and other obligations, but as summer wraps up I’m finding myself craving a bit longer with the sun. We’re looking at booking somewhere warm and sunny for a week of relaxation at the beginning of September, any recommendations, send them my way!

things to do before summer ends jaye rockett

Finish my summer reading list.

Less time off means I’ve been slacking on my summer TBR. It’s been a manic couple of months but luckily August is looking quieter for me, so I’m prioritising reading to power through the seven or eight books left in my summer to be read stack. Gotta make room for those cosy autumn tomes!

things to do before summer ends jaye rockett

What do you still want to do before summer ends?