New In From Glossier: 3 Mini Reviews

Glossier is a brand that’s still getting a lot of attention, and rightly so. It’s a cult brand for a reason, it’s dreamy packaging, simple product lineup and formulas that actually work all give it a deserved place in the beauty hall of fame. I love the brand, but even so there are definitely still some clear hits and clear misses for me. Today I wanted to share some speedy reviews on three of their more recent additions, and whether they’re worth parting with your pennies for.

glossier review jaye rockett

Milky Oil.

When Glossier released their Milky Oil I was pretty excited. I use their Milky Jelly Cleanser every day, so a counterpart that could strip off even stubborn waterproof makeup first was a welcome addition. It’s a great makeup remover, a squeeze of this on a cotton pad swiped over the eyes will get rid of every scrap of makeup. It’s got a somewhat oily texture, but that doesn’t hang around on the skin, and it’s scent isn’t overwhelming – something that bothers me a lot with makeup removers. It’s a winner of a product for me, but the cost lets it down. At £10 a bottle, at first glance it seems like a reasonable price, but you get through this stuff SO quickly. If you were using it daily I can’t see it lasting more than two or three weeks. Because of that I’ve relegated this to my travel bag, it’s a great little size for taking on the go, but unless they re-evaluated their pricing or bought out a bigger, more cost effective version to have at home, it’s not something I’d repurchase.

glossier review jaye rockett

Zit Stick.

I feel a little bad mentioning this product, as it’s not actually available in the UK right now, but Zit Stick is SO good I had to mention it. I placed a little Glossier order to my pal Kelly’s house while she was back home in the States, and she was kind enough to find room in her overstuffed suitcase to bring it back for me. Little does she know she’ll be lugging back a few more of these in the summer because I’m absolutely OBSESSED with this product. Yes it’s strong, and yes it can be drying, but it’s meant to be a topical spot treatment, rather than something you slather all over your face. I apply a little of this to a spot when it appears, leave it overnight and wake up in the morning to find 99% of the time, the spot is gone, if not it’s significantly smaller. It’s $14 in the states and as far as I’m concerned that’s $14 very well spent.

glossier review jaye rockett

Mango Balm Dot Com.

Balm Dot Com is certainly not a new Glossier product, their cult lip balm has been around as long as they have, but their latest flavour release was one I couldn’t resist. I may already have three or four of these kicking about, but a mango version just in time for summer? Yes please. This product is a dressing table, handbag, bedside table staple, and one I wouldn’t be without. Sure it’s just a lip balm, a good one, but there are plenty of good lip balms out there. But the Glossier one ticks all my boxes, easy to apply (no sticking dirty fingers in little pots), travel friendly, smells good, thick but not sticky, and just about classifiable as budget friendly.

I’m sure it won’t be long before I place another Glossier order, I’ve already got Brow Flick and Bubblewrap on my radar!

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What are your favourite Glossier products?