What To Do With Books You No Longer Want

I know, the idea of parting with books is hard. But sometimes, we need to. Whether it’s a space issue, books you didn’t love enough to keep, or you just can’t bear to see books languishing on a shelf unread, I’ve rounded up a few things to do with your unwanted tomes.

jaye rockett what to do with books you no longer want

Book swap night with your pals.

If you’ve got a stack of books you’re willing to pass on, chances are your friends do too. Invite your friends over for a bottle of wine (or two, or three) and ask them to bring some books they’ve finished, loved or are ready to pass on. Crack open the bottle, chat about the books you bought and have a good swap around! It’s a great way to find a new read, and you’re guaranteed to find someone to chat about your next read with!

jaye rockett what to do with books you no longer want

Donate to your hospital.

Most hospitals have a bookshelf or two stocked up for patients to borrow and read. Our local hospital has a trolley outside the phlebotomy ward for visitors to donate their unread or unwanted books, so I always try and take a few each time I visit. Check at your local hospital to see if they have anywhere you can donate books.

jaye rockett books

Find a local book swap.

You’d be surprised how many are about! All of the Lounges I’ve been to have book swap shelves, camp sites, community centres, hotels, some places even have phone boxes turned into lending libraries!

Where do you pass on unwanted books?