3 Things To Do In May

May is (hopefully) a turning point in the year. Longer days, more sunshine, a warmer climate, it’s when things really start to look up. With that in mind, it feels like a good time to embrace healthier, happier habits ready for summer. I’m keeping things simple this month with three simple things to do in May.

Jaye rockett may 2019 spring blossom to do listx

Take your exercise routine outside.

Go for a run locally instead of on a gym treadmill, take your morning stretches into the garden, find a spot in your weekend for a beachfront cycle. Our local free yoga classes in the park this month and I can’t wait to get back to them. Exercise and time spent outside are both great for your mental health, so combine the two and make the most of good weather days.

Jaye rockett may 2019 spring blossom to do listx

Practice a grounding mindfulness exercise.

I’ve been making more and more time in my week for mindfulness practise, it’s something that I rely on to keep my anxiety at bay, but it also generally keeps me feeling happy and settled. Right now I’m enjoying grounding exercises the most. Do some research and find one that works for you, I love a root visualisation.

Jaye rockett may 2019 spring blossom to do list

Make a healthy breakfast part of your morning routine.

When I talk to my friends, I’m always amazed how many of us skip over breakfast – there’s a reason they call it the most important meal of the day you know! Your body needs breakfast to get fired up for the day, engage your brain, provide the energy you need to get you going. A good breakfast will stop you feeling sluggish, and lessen the negative effects of your morning coffee habit. Eating breakfast helps lessen anxiety symptoms, and it’s also a great way to up your veggie intake in the day, look for Vitamin D rich chestnut mushrooms, Vitamin C packed tomatoes, spinach laden with B12, and the healthy fats of avocado.

Jaye rockett may 2019 spring blossom to do listx

What changes can you make this month to feel better?