How To Use Instagram Mindfully

Social media and it’s constant demand that we are available, online and accessible doesn’t always align with a slower pace of life. Slow living and social media seem almost impossible to reconcile, but embracing a slower pace doesn’t mean you have to log off of social media altogether. Instagram at it’s heart particularly can be a positive social platform to connect with like minded individuals, to feel inspired and to create. Today I’m talking about how you can use Instagram more mindfully to align with a slower life.

Jaye Rockett How to use instagram mindfully

Set usage time.

Most phones now have the capabilities to limit time spent on specific apps. Now for some of us, social media is a work necessity, so figure out how much social time is necessary but also viable for you. Instead of spending your time on Instagram scrolling mindlessly, set yourself limits and engage with purpose. Read captions, leave engaging and meaningful comments, consume less but with more purpose.

Turn off notifications.

Once you’ve set your social media limits for the day, also turn off your Instagram notifications. Check Instagram at a time and a frequency that’s convenient + appropriate for you, rather than opening the app every time you receive a notification. Spend time on Instagram, but don’t allow it to infiltrate your every day.

Jaye Rockett How to use instagram mindfully

Curate your follow list.

When was the last time you sorted through your Instagram feed? To okay to unfollow accounts that don’t inspire, excite or align with you any more. Think Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t spark joy, let it go. Every photo in your feed should serve a purpose for you.

Don’t be afraid to unfollow negativity.

If someone’s account is sparking feelings of negativity, anxiety, doubt or anger in you, then hit that unfollow button. It’s nothing personal, we can’t all be everyone’s cup of tea, and Instagram should be a place of positive, creative energy, not anything that makes you feel negative or inferior. If you really feel like you can’t unfollow someone, hit mute. No one has to know.

 Jaye Rockett How to use instagram mindfully

Think before you share.

Is this content adding value? Does it align with your values? Will this content help or hurt? Make sure the content you are sharing to social media is part of the positive movement, not part of the problem.

Take time out when you need it.

Time online can be a lot, can be draining, can make us feel burnt out. Don’t be afraid to take an Instagram break when you need it. The gram and your followers will still be there when you return.

Spending time on social media should be a positive, inspiring, entertaining experience, not one that feels stressful, like a chore or negative. Don’t be afraid to unfollow, mute or take a break when you need it!

Jaye Rockett How to use instagram mindfully

Before we all got caught up in the likes, follower counts and engagement rates, Instagram was just a space for sharing photos that made you happy. I think we could all do with finding our way back to that a little!

Do you find social media stressful?

Jaye Rockett How to use instagram mindfully