April Goals & To Dos

April is an exciting month for me because it marks the final month of my treatment (finally hey!). I can’t wait to get back to some sense of normality, being able to make plans, have a clear head and eat something other than kale. It’s been a long three months so far but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and boy does it look good! This month I thought I’d combine my to do list with some general goals, because I’m trying to look at things more broadly, and not put too much pressure on complete specific tasks while I’m feeling low still. So without further ado, my April goals & to dos.

Keep connecting.

When reflecting on March, one of the highlights was definitely the amount of time I spent connecting with great friends. Even though it was mostly in short bursts, a cup of coffee here, a phone call there, it really helped with my mood & anxiety levels through the month. When I’m feeling low one of the first things I tend to do is back away from my friends, but throughout April I want to keep making a conscious effort to connect meaningfully with my friends and family.

Get saving.

Last year when we took six weeks out at a few days notice to travel to Australia, my savings took a beating and never really recovered. I’ve got a few exciting summer plans coming up that I’d like to have a little more cash for so throughout April I want to try and cut back on my spending and try to build up some savings again. It’s always good to have something squirrelled away for a rainy day anyway!

Make regular trips to the health club.

Now I’m not ready to get back in the gym just yet, but I’d like to make taking time out for fitness part of my routine again. My goal in April is to get down to our gym twice a week just for a little swim float in the pool and a session in the sauna, so that as I get my strength back I’m already in the habit of going down to the gym.

Prioritise my healthy morning routine.

Back in February I was in a great routine of wake up, yoga, fresh juice, journal, and no phone time after waking up. That kind of fell apart in March so I want to work at getting back to that this month. Even if I’m only spending ten minutes on the mat, and jotting down a few gratitudes, I feel so much better for starting my day in a positive, focused way and I’d really like to get back in the swing of it.

Try new recipes.

I’ve fallen a little bit off the cooking wagon over the last few weeks, a nasty chest infection followed by a week of travel hasn’t done much for my cooking motivation. I’ve still been eating healthy but I’ve been taking a few shortcuts (namely just eating egg fried rice with every meal). There are a few more foods I’m allowed now so I want to get back in the habit of cooking & experimenting again.

Make plans.

I’ve been scared to make plans in case I have to cancel, I hate being the flaky friend who cancels because they’re ill all the time. As we move through April I should be starting to feel better so I’d like to tentatively get some plans for catch ups and things to look forward to in the diary. So far we have a couple of trips booked in May, and some friends visiting in the summer but we haven’t got much in the way of everyday plans so I’d like to get a little more booked in. It helps on the low days to have something to look forward to.

What are your goals for April?