Seasonal Favourites: Winter 2019

Winter is finally over, and is it just me or was it not as dark and long as I was expecting? Aside from my usual health gripes, it’s been a good winter, it’s been slow and easy and I’d like more seasons like this I think. I wanted to round up a few things I’ve loved over the last three months, I’ve not done a monthly favourites in a while so I thought this would be a fun way to show you some of my favourites.

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I’ve had a lot of downtime at home this season, a lot of time for reading, Netflix binging, magazine buying, etc etc. I spent most of my reading time working my way through the Sarah J Maas Throne of Glass series, which was the exact kind of easy reading escapism I needed. I’d highly recommend the series to anyone who’s a fan of YA fantasy (although if you are I’m sure you’ve already read it).

I’ve already spoken a few times about my love for Sara Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic, but I want to give it a brief mention again. This book helped pull me out of my usual winter creativity slump, and made me excited for taking photos again.

I also fell back in love with magazines this month. I think because of the brain fog I found myself gravitating towards easier reads, and flicking through a magazine is certainly easier than digging into a new historical fiction. I rediscovered my love for Oh Comely this season (I actually think the winter issues are some of their best yet) and I’ve really enjoyed picking up Breathe and Frankie too.


Winter is always a big podcast season for me, but this year I’ve dialled it back and mostly just been listening to The Little Chapters. Listening to Jess and Kayte talk is just like having coffee with a pal, and I love how they touch on everyday subjects in such a personal way.

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I’ve basically had one Spotify playlist on repeat all month (I take after my mum, we play songs over and over until we’re sick of them), here are a few of my favourites from the playlist.

Body Gold – Oh Wonder

✧ Bad Liar – Imagine Dragons

✧ When The Darkness Comes – Colbie Calliat

✧ Grace – Lewis Capaldi

✧ Wild Love – James Bay

✧ Worst of You – Maisie Peters

✧ Wild Horses – Birdy

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As far as TV goes, we’ve spent most of this winter binging Grey’s (I know I’m so late to the game), so that’s definitely taken up most of my screen time. I also finally got around to watching The Marvellous Mrs Maisel which was such a treat – persevere through the pilot, this program is witty and glorious.

I’m not much of a cinema go-er (I’m prone to anxiety attacks in cinema screens) but we’ve made two trips to our local cinema this season since discovering the recliners (so much space it’s almost impossible to feel claustrophobic and panicky!). We saw How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, a beautiful conclusion to what is perhaps my favourite animated series, and Captain Marvel, which I didn’t have massive expectations for but LOVED. It’s been fun getting back into movies a bit, and I’m hoping there will be more cinema trips in the near future.

Jaye rockett mirror selfie asos trench


This winter has been much milder than usual, I haven’t cracked out my ski coat once which is surprising. Instead I’ve mostly been making do with a warm knit and my old ASOS trench coat. I really love this coat, it’s the perfect length (I got mine from the tall section) and it can be dressed up or down easily. A definite wardrobe staple.

It’s been a definite jeans and a jumper few months and I’m a-okay with that. I ended up picking up these Stradivarius jeans in a size up as I was struggling with wearing jeans over my sore stomach, and I adore them. They’re a really pretty light wash with some gentle distressing. I’ve worn the crap out of these and they were all of about £20.

This H&M knit has definitely been my most worn of the season too, I love the soft camel shade, it’s seriously snuggly and I think it looks a lot more expensive than it was!


Obviously winter has been the season of my restricted diet, but there’s still been a few yummy eats in there. I’ve been a bit of a soup making machine since January, since it’s one of the few easy lunches I can have. I’ve been swapping between a chicken chowder, a spicy tomato soup, a creamy taco soup and a curried carrot soup and all are delicious and super easy to make. Let me know if you’d like to see some recipes?

Since my diet has opened up a little over the last six weeks, I’ve treated myself to a few South Coast Roast brunches. Eggs, rocket, tomato, parma ham, avocado and pickles, it’s all diet approved, and it’s been nice to have the occasional meal I don’t have to wash up after. I’ve also gotten SUPER into juicing (after getting bored of eggs for breakfast everyday). South Coast Roast do a great tumeric, ginger, carrot, orange and pineapple juice, but at home I’ve been starting my day with a simple orange and celery mix.

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What have you loved this winter?