My 2019 Reading Goals and TBR Stack (So Far)

2018 was the year I really reignited my love for reading. I’ve always loved reading, I was one of those kids with their head constantly stuck in a book on car journeys, at family events, I even have memories of walking around the forest reading. I used to stay up late to read ‘just one more chapter’ and as soon as I’d finished one book, I moved on to the next.

However, being ill kinda made me lose that spark for reading. Not because I didn’t WANT to be reading, but rather because I just couldn’t. I’d stare at a page for hours and not make sense of the words, read a chapter and then have to go back and read it again because I couldn’t remember what I’d read. My unexpected tumour side effect was the inability to read a book.

It wasn’t until I was on a plane headed to Australia in February last year that I actually managed to sit down and read a whole book in one go, no rereads. And then I couldn’t stop, I toted my iPad around Sydney and read on the train, bus, ferry, beach, sat in cute coffee shops and whilst pottering round shops. I spent a lot of time on my own on that trip, and in six weeks I’d read 30 books.

And so when I came back, I was ready to carry on! Not quite at the same speed, and I had a few bookless weeks, mostly at the end of the year when I was just too tired for anything other than a Netflix binge. But I hit my 2018 Goodreads Goal of 52 books and I was thrilled.

So this year I want more books. I’ve set what I think is quite a realistic goal of 60, and I’ll be happy with 60, but if I can beat that I’ll be over the moon. I want to make reading and resting a real priority this year. More time offline and not staring at screens, more time looking at books.

Good job I’ve got a big ol’ TBR stack then isn’t it!

I’ve just started Adam Kay’s This Is Going To Hurtand after that I’m excited to read If Cats Disappeared From The World by Genki KawamuraI found a signed copy of Dear Mrs Bird half price in my local Waterstones this week, and Instagram has been raving about it so I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into that.

It wouldn’t be my bookshelf if there wasn’t a stack of YA Fantasy to be read. Connor very kindly bought me Crown of Midnight, as well as The Assassin’s Blade, I’m excited to finally be working my way through some Sarah J Maas. I also received V.E. Schwab’s Vicious for Christmas from Con’s family, and I can’t wait to put a dent in that. I’ve had a copy of Lani Taylor’s Strange The Dreamer sat on my bookshelf for a couple of months, I think it’s probably high time I dug into that too.


A friend of mine recently gave me a stash of books to read, including The Light We Lost and Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, both of which have been on my TBR for a while. My copy of Melmoth is still languishing unread, so I need to get on that sooner than later!

I also recently discovered a copy of Station Eleven on my bookcase, and I’ve seen this mentioned quite a bit recently so I want to give this a read!

That’s certainly enough to be getting on with I think! What are your reading goals for 2019? Anything on your TBR that should be added to mine?