My Goals for the Rest of the Year (and How You Can Set Yours)

The beginning of October marks not just a new month, but also the start of the last third of the year. It’s undoubtably going to be a busy third, especially with the build up to the C Word that we’re still not talking about. I find when my calendar is looking busy, I start to pay less attention to my bigger picture goals, and so I took some time this week to really plot out what I’d like to achieve before 2018 ends. I thought I’d share them with you, as well as my tips for setting achievable goals for the rest of the year, perhaps we can keep each other accountable?

Keep reading, and complete my Goodreads Challenge. 

I’ve been making great headway with my Goodreads 52 books in the year challenge, but recently I’ve started a few books and not finished them, so I want to get a bit better with that! If you have any recommendations for books I should read, let me know in the comments!


Take time for myself and embrace a slower pace. 

I wrote a whole blog post on how I want to embrace slow this season, but it’s honestly so important to me. I feel like I’m on the brink of burnout right now after a chaotic few months, so I’m excited to slow down for the rest of the year. I’m struggling with some autoimmune stuff right now, and so I need to focus on slowing down and allowing my body time to recover. I’m going to try and not make too many plans more than what I have in the diary right now, so I can have time to just rest.

Dedicate time to my studies.

It’s not something I’ve spoken about here yet, but next month I’m starting a short course at the Arts University Bournemouth. It’s a course designed to help writers focus on their novels as well as receive feedback from tutors and other students, and I’m equal parts excited and nervous. It’s only one evening a week, but I want to make sure I’m devoting time to working on my project in between. The course ends just before Christmas, and is taken pass fail, so I want to make sure I’m really putting the time in!

Curb my needless spending. 

Easier said than done but after obliterating my savings with Australia earlier this year, I haven’t really started building them back up again since. I want to start put some money aside again, but also cut down in the run up to Christmas! Christmas is always expensive with gifts, parties and general merriment, so I’d like to save a bit up in the run up so it’s less of a hit to the bank account come December!

Four small and simple goals for the remainder of 2018, but I’m sure they’ll keep me busy! Here are my top tips if you’re thinking about setting goals for yourself for the rest of the year.

  • Look back at your goals for the new year. How are you getting on? Are you on track? What could you do to work towards those goals in the next three months?
  • What could you feasibly achieve? Look at your calendar for the next three months, if it’s rammed with events and activities and trips, you probably need to be setting smaller, easier to achieve goals. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim high, just make sure the goals you’re setting yourself are realistically achievable.
  • How will you know if you’ve achieved your goal? I like all my goals to be measurable, I will know at the end of the year that I’ve achieved my goals if I’ve finished my GoodReads challenge, I feel well rested, I’ve passed my course, and my bank account isn’t in wreck and ruin.
  • Ask your friends what they think you should focus on! It’s always helpful to have some positive reinforcement, and someone to keep you accountable.

What are your goals for the rest of the year?