How I’m Getting My Home Ready For Autumn

Autumn is coming (can you tell by the fact I can’t stop talking about it) and I’m getting my home ready in preparation. I inevitably spend more time in the house as the nights begin to draw in, so I want to really create ultimate cosy vibes in the flat! There are so many ways to make your home feel cosy and prepared for autumn, but I thought I’d share a few favourites ways I’m getting my home ready for autumn with you, in case you’re ready to embrace the season change too.

Embrace mood lighting.

I have a real aversion to switching the ceiling lights on in our home, even with the nights drawing in. I find it a bit harsh and a bit much, I’m all about the mood lighting! I’ve bought a few new lamps this year to really make things cosy, and you’ll find a candle on every surface of our flat!

Pull out the soft furnishings. 

Faux furs draped over armchairs, fluffy cushions, chunky knit throws, texture always makes a place look more inviting. I also had our dressing gowns dry cleaned, and I’m pretty sure they came back softer than they ever were to begin with! As the weather gets cooler, I love wrapping myself up in all the layers!

Find your autumn scent.

Scent has a big impact on how cosy a place feels, especially when you first come in from the cold! Since it’s pretty unrealistic to assume I’ll always have a fresh bake in the oven, I like to replicate those scents with candles and reed diffusers. I’m a big fan of Bath and Bodyworks for their autumn candles, and Diptyque Pomander is one of my favourite scents, I always crack that one out this time of year. I tend to scout Homesense for reed diffusers, although I’ll admit to having my eye on the new White Company Ginger one!

Bring nature in.

What better way to embrace autumn than to bring the signs of it indoors? I collected crispy leaves, pinecones and acorns for a photo recently, and couldn’t bare to throw them out, so I put them in a jar, and it makes a great little addition to the shelves in the lounge. We’ve got tons of trees near us dropping pinecones right now, so I baked some of those and put them in a bowl on the table, the perfect autumnal centrepiece! I also always pick up munchkin pumpkins, gourds and dried corn from our local Pick Your Own farm, they look great clustered on windowsills and arranged on shelves.

Get weather prepared.

Living in England, we can only expect wet weather on the approach. Our hallway has been a dumping ground for sandals, beach bags and sunscreen over the last few months, but now it’s time to prepare for drizzle! I’ve been looking for a new one for a while, and finally settled on this one from Oliver Bonas. You know me, I love a star print, and I just think it’s so pretty. We’ve put sandals away in the wardrobe til next year, and instead pulled out boots, and hung umbrellas on the side of our shoe racks in preparation.

Basically, when the evenings draw in and the days get cooler, I want my home to feel like a cosy nest, an escape from the harsh weather, and somewhere that just invites you to relax! I love how autumnal it looks in the flat now!

How do you get your home ready for autumn?