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I know this isn’t a usual posting day for me (and you’ve been a few blog posts short this week, for which I apologise!) but I wanted to pop up and tell you about a new little project I’ve been working on!

Let’s set the scene, shall we? Summer is in full swing, and you’re mad about it. You’ve got a stack of knitwear just dying to be worn, you’re looking forward to the day at the weekend when rain is forecast, and you’re still drinking chai lattes despite the heat. You’d rather spend your evening in, snuggled up on the sofa than out and about, and your to do list looks like reading, reading and more reading.

If you identify with that, well, we’re probably going to get on, but more than that, I think you’d like my newest project! After spending most of the Summer waiting for the arrival of autumn, hunting for any sign of it, I’m launching my new newsletter project, Hunting For Autumn. For those of you who, like me, want to bring a bit more autumn into your life. There’ll be discussions, journal prompts, Instagram challenges, book reviews, to do lists and a chance to win a copy of the book of the month too.

There will be a gorgeous free wallpaper download in the first email for you, a beautiful exclusive design by Daphne, and I’ll be encouraging everyone to get involved on Instagram using the #HuntingForAutumn hashtag too!

Basically, it’s going to be a fun little way to embrace some cosy slow vibes everyday, and I really can’t wait to get going! I hope we can get a nice sense of community going.

Sign up below and the first email will be coming to you on Wednesday the 5th! In the meantime, please do start tagging those autumnal images with #HuntingForAutumn, let’s bring some cosy vibes to Instagram!

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