3 Ways To Make Time To Read

Cast your mind back to the beginning of 2018 (I know, it feels like aeons ago now), and the goals you set for the year. How did you get on? Have you achieved your goals, are you working towards them, or have they been forgotten? It happens to the best of us, we set goals with lofty ambitions and a rose tinted view of how our year will go, and then life gets in the way.

I was determined to not let that happen to me this year, so when I realised I was kind of failing at my goal to read more books, well, I had to do something about it. And I’m pleased to report that over the last few months it’s worked, I’m reading more than I have in years, and have somehow found the time to do it too.

Make reading a non-negotiable.

As much as work, meals and chores around the house, prioritise it on your schedule. Add it to your to do list, whether it’s for just 20 minutes or two hours, make it a non-negotiable part of your day.

Cut back on Netflix time.

The easiest way to find time for reading was to take it from Netflix. I didn’t think I was spending much time watching TV but it turns out that most evenings when I get to a point where I’m done for the day, I was finding myself on the sofa for an hour binging. I’ve started making reading my go-to winding down activity and I’m happier for it.

Carry a book with you.

It’s amazing how much time you can find to read when you’ve got a book in your handbag ready to go. Waiting for friends to arrive in coffee shops, when you’re early for an appointment, on your lunchbreak. All these occasions I was filling with being on my phone, I’m filling with books instead!

Are you an avid bookworm?