Why Business Friends Are So Important

Whether you work for yourself or just have a passion project/side hustle outside of your 9-5, I am a BIG believer in having business friends. I think it stems from being in Uni, where I always got more work done when I arranged library days with my best friend, we’d sit and work on our projects together, and have someone to bounce ideas around with, or pester for feedback. It’s something I’ve carried with me into ‘adult life’, and whether it’s having fellow bloggers you can pick up the phone on for advice, or a fellow freelancer who helps keep you grounded in your work, here are five reasons why you NEED business friends in your life.

1. To offer advice. Maybe it’s your first year submitting business taxes, or you need help pricing your services. Maybe you need a recommendation for an accountant, or you want feedback on your new website copy. Having a gang of folk who are doing something similar to you is invaluable when a question pops up, and Google doesn’t have your answer.

2. To offer support. Sometimes, being a freelancer/side hustler/general girl boss is HARD. It’s normal to have days where you feel like jacking it in, and having someone who really gets it to vent to is invaluable. On the flip side, when something great happens, you launch a new blog post or you’ve had a business win, it’s great to have people who are excited for you, who want to share your content and help build you up.

3. To keep each other motivated and inspired. Whenever I’m feeling a little creatively blocked, my first port of call is always to check in with my business friends, organise a coffee date or a working day, because sometimes all it takes is having someone else to bounce ideas around with. It’s great to spend an hour or two drinking coffee with your business pals, just bouncing ideas around and offering each other advice on how to improve ideas too! I always love when I have an idea that my friends help nourish!

4. To stop you going mad. If you work from home, it can be a lonely business, and having pals in a similar situation can be great for your mental sanity. Whether it’s someone you can physically work with one day a week, from a coffee shop, library or your own home, or someone you can Skype with in the day for a little human interaction, it helps make you feel a bit more like you have colleagues, and makes working for yourself a little less lonely.

5. To keep each other accountable. I am forever setting myself lofty goals for my blog/business, and forgetting about them after approximately three minutes. When I set a goal with a pal, it’s someone to keep me in check, keep me accountable. Whether you set the same goal as each other and can work towards it together, or you have different goals and just check in with each other to see how you’re getting on, it can be invaluable to have someone to help keep you on track.

Do you have a network of business friends?

Photos by my wonderful pal Sam!