17 Little Ways To Pick Yourself Up After A Bad Day

Bad days. We all have them, and some time getting home at 5.30 feels like you’ve been awake and battling the world for days. It can be hard to pull yourself out of the bad day funk, easier to just get home and take it out on those around you whilst screaming internally – hey, it happens. Here’s my go to list of ways to pull yourself out of a bad day, and bring even a little brightness in.

1. Move. Go for a walk, go to the gym, do a twenty minute yoga video on Youtube, whichever way you decide to do it, sweat out the negativity. A little movement is a sure fire way to kick out some endorphins and improve your mood!

2. Water. Get a pint of fresh water into your body. Spike it with fresh mint, cucumber, lemon or any other fruit you have lying around. You’ll feel better for a boost of hydration and it will help clear your mind.

3. Write a List. If your head is heavy with the weight of a hundred and one to dos, grab a pen and paper and write out a big old list. It’ll help you organise your thoughts, and allow you to put it to one side until tomorrow.

4. Have a laugh. I have a go to relay of comedy for the bad days. Chuck on any episode of Parks & Rec, The Office, Brooklyn Nine Nine and you’ll have my chuckling. Physically laughing out loud can do so much for your mood, and this is a sure fire way to get me laughing!

5. Take a screen break. Get away from the blue light of your phone/laptop/iPad/tv and do something that doesn’t require an internet connection. Read a book, take a walk in nature, have a long hot bubble bath.

6. Read a fantasy novel. Sometimes we need a little pure escapism, and what better way to do that than an immersive fantasy read.

7. Go for a drive. One of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed is get out in my car and go for a drive. I’ll take myself into the forest, or along the coast at sunset, or just up and down the dual carriageway at night. It reminds me of all the late night driving we did in college because we had nowhere better to be!

8. Phone a friend. Pick up the phone on your best friend, organise a FaceTime date with a long distance pal, call up a mate who lives nearby and see if they’re free for .a coffee. A different perspective can always help shift your mood.

9. Buy flowers. There’s a gorgeous flower stall in town I always meander to when I’ve had a bad day. I pick the prettiest stems from big buckets, bring them home and arrange them in vases all over the house. There’s just something about flowers.

10. Cook yourself a hearty meal. There’s a lot of self care in preparing a nutritious and filling meal for yourself from scratch. Some of my go to meals for a mood boost are sausage and garlic mash, slow cooker beef and veg stew, and macaroni and cheese with cauliflower!

11. Make a gratitude list. It’s easy to focus on the negatives and get wrapped up in them, whilst overlooking the positives in a day. Make a list of all the things that made you smile, or that you’re grateful for, and look over it when you’re feeling blue.

12. Tidy up. Have a clear up in your bedroom, wipe the sides over, hoover the floor, tidy away your clothes and makeup and any cups lying about. Stick fresh bedding on your bed and pull out a clean pair of PJs. There’s something so therapeutic about this process!

13. Try a guided meditation. I bang on about guided meditations all the time, but it’s because they work! I’ve never been able to focus my mind in silence, but using something like Calm or Headspace helps me take a few moments out to clear my head.

14. Find a furry friend. Call up your mum/dad/sister/brother/aunt/best friend, anyone with a cat or dog you can borrow for a cuddle It’s physically impossible to feel sad whilst cuddling a dog, fact.

15. Do some gardening. There’s something really satisfying about getting your hands dirty. Whether you’ve got a big old garden that needs weeding, or just a pot plant that’s outgrown it’s home, get down and dirty with nature, it’s guaranteed to lift your mood!

16. Colour. Mindful colouring had a moment a few years ago, but it’s still something I look to when I’ve had a bad day! I love the Johanna Basford ones, and I even have a few Harry Potter ones too!

17. Fill your diary. When I’ve had a bad day, I like to get a few fun things in the diary to look forward to. Cocktails with the girls, a date night, a trip to the Cotswolds, just something that I can get excited about!

When all else fails, grab your biggest mug, fill it with tea, bury under some blankets on the sofa and watch your favourite movie on repeat. Anyone else watching Tangled for the 6948304th time?