Little Changes to Make in February

This year I’m making a conscious effort to do more and be better, so I’ve been spending a lot of time at the end of one month making plans and setting goals for the next. Since February is short and sweet (a welcome reprieve after 10492 days of January), I made the decision this month that instead of lofty goals, I’d stick with little changes and little goals so that hopefully I can tick off a few and still feel like I’ve accomplished something this month!

Spend ten minutes outside everyday. Ten minutes doesn’t seem like much, but when you work from home or in an office, it’s easy to go days at at a time without being outside for longer than it takes to get in and out of the car. Being outside even for a few minutes has such a positive effect on my mindset, even if it’s cold and windy, so this month I want to make the effort to be outside a little everyday.

Cut back on coffee. I used to be quite a casual coffee drinker, but recently I’ve noticed that if I skip my morning Starbucks I feel sluggish and distracted throughout the day. I don’t want to feel like that without coffee, so I’m going to try and cut back this month, pick up the green tea instead and let coffee be a brunching-on-the-weekend treat.

Keep meditating. I recently bought a year’s subscription to the Calm app and I’ve been loving using it – when I remember to. I want to make the effort to meditate every morning before work, I feel so grounded after even ten minutes of quite mindfulness, so making this part of my morning routine seems like a great idea.

Take a reusuable cup out. I’ve got so many reusable keep cups and travel mugs and water bottles, yet I’m terrible at using them. I’m quite guilty of forgetting to put them in my bag, or putting them in and then taking them out to cut down on waste. Not only is it good for the environment to make the effort to use them, but you’ll get 25p off Starbucks coffee, 50p off Pret coffee, and you can fill up your water bottle for free in places like Lush or Pret!

Spend an hour meal prepping on a Sunday. It doesn’t take long to chop some veggies and stick them in the oven with a few chicken pieces on a Sunday, but it makes the first half of the week so much easier. I’m very guilty of not being prepared for lunch and then spending a small fortune in M&S Simply Food every day. I’m making an hour of meal prep a non negotiable in my calendar on a Sunday, to be a little healthier and a little kinder to my bank balance!

Do one nice thing for yourself everyday. Make yourself a decadent at home hot chocolate. Go to bed ten minutes earlier. Facetime a friend. Read a chapter of a book. Pop a facemask on. Be kinder to yourself.

Do you have any little goals for February?

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