Books I’ve Read and Loved Recently

2018 is the year I want to make a conscious effort to read more. Probably since I started University (and started running out of time) my reading list has been dropping, and I’m not about that. There’s nothing more I love than an afternoon with my head buried in a good book, so one of my 2018 goals has been to read more. I think I started off strong, ticking 5 novels off in January (as well as the odd crappy chick lit on iBooks), and in particular, two were so good I just had to tell you about them.

The Bone Season, The Mime Order, and The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon.

If dystopian young adult fiction is your bag, look no further. I bagged The Bone Season as Apple’s free book of the week on iBooks, and got so hooked I immediately ended up downloading the next two in the series. Set to be a seven book series, these novels follow the underground syndicate of clairvoyant criminals in an alternative future of London, where clairvoyance, or ‘unnaturalness’ is punishable by death. It’s got everything you could want from a YA dystopian series, a little magic, a little love, a little of classic London, and a corrupt government just believable enough to be true.

Hold Back The Stars by Katie Khan.

This book has been on my radar for a while, but I kept forgetting to pick it up. My soul sister Tami though, didn’t, and when we finally had our belated Christmas catch up I found this in my Father Christmas gift bag. Hold Back The Stars falls into the dystopian novel category, but at it’s heart it’s a burning, breathless love story. I read this cover to cover one evening, I couldn’t bear to put it down. It follows the story of Carys and Max, dying in space with 90 minutes of air left, looking down on the world they left behind. It’s an intense, powerful love story, and the first book to make me cry in a good eight or nine years.

Destination Simple by Brooke Mcalary.

I’ve been an avid follower of the Slow Your Home Podcast for years now, but had never managed to track down the creator, Brooke Mcalaray’s book anywhere. Fast forward to the end of January and I found a copy in Oliver Bonas of all places, and there was no doubt it was coming home with me. This is a quick read with a strong take home, instead of preaching extreme minimalism and tips on getting rid of everything you own, Brooke talks about the rituals of a slow life, and the different ways you can embrace a slower, simpler life. Reading this book made me feel excited and inspired, and ready to find manageable ways to slow down my life.

What have you been reading recently?

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