Reclaiming Your Weekdays

Getting into a routine is great. I for one know I sleep better and feel better when I’m in a good routine. I enjoy getting up at the same time every morning, sleeping in on the weekends makes my Monday morning harder, and I know that my general energy levels are much better when I’m eating regular meals at regular times. With all that said, it’s incredibly easy to fall into the habit of day in day out doing the same thing, getting up, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, watching tv, going to bed – rinse and repeat. Whilst routine in some respects is great, it’s important to break routine to keep us on our toes, and to make sure we’re not losing weeks, months and years as all the days merge into one.

For me, breaking the habit of spending all my evenings the same way has been a big one. I’d finish work, tidy up the flat, start cooking dinner, eat with Connor and then we’d both end up back at our computers finishing off bits of work. It was sad really, we were so wrapped up in the day to day minutiae of work, we’d forget to do anything fun in our days, instead saving all the ‘fun’ activities for the weekend.
Now we have a somewhat different approach. Whilst yes, some evenings we still have to crack on with work – being self employed is not fun when it comes to deadlines and responsibility, we also try to fit one fun thing in a day. Sometimes it’s as simple as going for a walk when we both finish work, sometimes we go for a coffee date in town, or to grab a beer in the square, sometimes we pop over to have a drink with our parents, or we go for a drive somewhere. Sometimes it’s as simple as trying out a new recipe for dinner, and having plans to sit down and eat it whilst watching a movie, no phones or laptops allowed.
And breaking that routine of wasting our evenings has been fun, it’s been energising, and most importantly, it’s helped us claw back some precious moments of life. Because it all comes down to the fact that life is short, and I for one certainly don’t want to waste it all sat at my desk.
So I wanted to challenge you all to find a way to break your routine, just a small act of rebellion to your everyday. Here’s my running list of ways to break my routine, hopefully it’ll inspire you to break yours!
  • Drop into a friends house for a cup of coffee on the way home from work.
  • Plan a coffee date for after work.
  • Visit a newly opened restaurant for a midweek date night.
  • Get out and go for a walk.
  • Take advantage of two for one cinema tickets on a Tuesday!
  • Hit up Pinterest for some crafting inspiration.
  • Have an at home tapas night.
  • Late night IKEA trip!
  • Pick up a new recipe book and try out some new dishes.
  • Skype a long distance friend.
  • Learn something new on Skillshare.
  • Visit our local gelato lab for an evening treat
What’s your favourite way to spend a weeknight?

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