36 Signs You’re a Real Live Adult

It happens to the best of us, one minute you’re sipping Tesco value vodka mixed into 17p lemonade in your friends back garden, the next you’re eating cheese and watching Grand Designs, whilst letting a bottle of Malbec breathe on the kitchen worktop.

You’ve blinked and all of a sudden you’re not a teenager anymore, you’re a real live adult that has a job, responsibilities, bills and all that fun stuff.

Here are the warning signs that you might just be a real, live, walking and talking adult.

  1. Your fridge contains more than one type of cheese (if those types of cheese are mild cheddar and burger slices they don’t count).
  2. When you get paid, you don’t instantly head to the New Look website.
  3. In fact, the first thing you do when you get paid is pay bills (who even are you?).
  4. Or worse, put a portion of your earnings into a savings account.
  5. You own a coffee machine.
  6. You make a cup of coffee with your coffee machine every morning, put it in a reusable travel mug and take it to work.
  7. You wake up naturally at the weekend at the same time your weekday alarm goes off.
  8. You enjoy watching Grand Designs, DIY SOS and Four in a Bed.
  9. You own at least one item of clothing that cost more than £20.
  10. You spend more on bedlinen than you do on your quarterly electric bill.
  11. Your idea of treating yourself is picking up a mango in Sainsbury’s when they’re not on sale.
  12. You’ve stopped saying ‘Oh my god, what are you going to do’ when a friend tells you they’re pregnant.
  13. You handle your own MOT, tax and insurance for your car without asking your parents for help.
  14. You can make more than three dinner dishes without a recipe.
  15. You’ve got an avocado in your fridge.
  16. You have an ’emergencies’ kit in your handbag with hairbands, plasters, tampons and paracetamol. If you’re really organised you’ve got ibuprofen too.
  17. You frequently wonder how you ever got by without coffee.
  18. You feel a little kick of excitement when you get ID’d in the supermarket.
  19. You’ve suggested making plans with a friend when you know they’re busy, just so you won’t have to go out.
  20. You get more excited about buying stationery than you do about heels.
  21. You can tell someone what kind of wine you like more than just saying ‘white’, ‘red’ or ‘pink’.
  22. Having a clean house is enjoyable enough to be worth cleaning for.
  23. You’ve bought a juice that barely gave you change from a fiver and not felt upset about it.
  24. You own an item of furniture that isn’t from IKEA.
  25. You’ve had an ‘I’m an adult I can eat what I like’ moment, eaten a Big Mac then instantly regretted it.
  26. You’ve thought the phrase ‘mum was right’ more than once.
  27. You’ve got something on the walls that isn’t a poster or a pin board.
  28. You feel the need to exercise. Nobody has to force you to.
  29. You have more than one home themed Pinterest board.
  30. You’ve got a recipe one too.
  31. You don’t keep a bag of Haribo in your desk drawer anymore. Instead you’ve got an apple, a cereal bar, and maybe a bar of Dairy Milk for emergencies.
  32. You plan your meals before you go to the supermarket so you only buy what you need.
  33. You’ve made yourself a pot of tea. Just for yourself. On more than one occasion.
  34. You go on a girls holiday and you’re in bed before midnight.
  35. You turn down free shots because you know you’ll feel terrible for it.
  36. You can’t remember the last time you got sunburned, because you’re religious with sunscreen, and have a giant hat.

Are you a real adult? I think I might be…

Photo by Lauren Shipley (megababe).