4 Easy Ways To Move More Everyday

Trust me, I know how easy it is to get to Friday and realise you never made it to the gym, or in fact, anywhere other than work and home. Sometimes the week runs away with us and we get so caught up in our to do lists that we forget to make time for ourselves. Moving a little everyday is SO important, you don’t need to do a full on work out to feel the benefits, so today I’m sharing three easy ways you can move more everyday.

Supposedly it takes eighteen days to build a habit, so eighteen days of making the effort and you’re home free!

Take advantage of your lunch break.

How many of you are guilty of eating lunch at your desk whilst scrolling through twitter, or worse, working through lunch? I know I am! Using your lunch break to actually get out and stretch your legs is one of the easiest ways to get a bit more movement into your day. Get up and do a lap of the block, walk to a local coffee shop to pick up a caffeine hit, or organise to meet a friend who works nearby. It doesn’t have to be far but I guarantee you you’ll feel better when you get back to your desk!

Find a reason to go for a walk.

I’m trying to make Pokemon Go a thing again in our house – we’ve never walked as much as we did when we were playing! Giving yourself a reason to go for a walk, whether it’s to go to a pretty photo spot, the promise of a coffee as a reward or even to catch a Pikachu, and you’ll find it much easier to go out! Now’s the best time of year to build the habit too, while the suns shining and the evenings are longer!

Create a cardio cleaning routine.

Stick with me on this one cause it’s a bit weird, but since moving into the flat I’ve been trying to find ways to make cleaning the place easier, so it doesn’t spiral out of control and need a whole weekend to fix. The easiest way to do that I’ve found is to assign a cleaning task to each day of the week, so Monday I clean the bathrooms, Tuesday I hoover, Wednesday I change the bedlinen, etc. etc. By scheduling in twenty minutes of cleaning time each day cleaning feels much more manageable, but by giving each day a task that involves moving and getting the blood pumping, it’s like a two in one win. I find that running the hoover round the flat gets my heart rate up a little, and cleaning the kitchen cupboards is like an arm work out – why not move more by doing something useful?

Make time for stretching.

Stretching is often associated with working out, something you should only do to warm up or down accompanied by ‘proper’ exercise, but stretching is good for your body at any time. Carve ten minutes out of your day when you get home from work, before you go to bed or first thing in the morning to give your body a good stretch out and when you’re next at your desk you’ll thank me for it!

If you’re London based be sure to check out John Lewis’s #ExploreYourCity tracker, a handy little tool where you can enter your home, work or favourite hangout address, and it’ll show you the best sites to explore on foot! What an awesome way to see more of the city, whilst getting a little extra movement in hey!

How do you add a little more movement into your everyday?

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  • These are some great tips! Last year I walked so much playing pokemon go, and I’m sure I got so much fitter. This summer I feel that I’ve spent so much time inside sitting! Also your tip about setting cleaning activities for each day of the week is great 🙂
    Elizabeth || Liz Living

  • I totally agree with getting outside for a walk throughout the day, the fresh air makes you feel so much better too! xx


  • I’m fortunate that I’ve got a pretty active job, but I spent the last week on induction and was driving there – suddenly I was spending all day sitting down! For me, the best way to get in some movement (besides my running training) is walking to/from work, or at least using public transport which means I have to walk to the station or bus stop. I know it’s not always practical for everyone, but it does make a big difference if you can! I’m also naturally pretty on-the-go, so I find myself moving around the house a lot just doing little bits and pieces like tidying up, cooking dinner, rearranging the furniture!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  • What a lovely post – I know for a fact I need to get up and move more, exercise is something I’m not too fond of, but really want to get back into!

    Lucy | Forever September