Beauty Packing Tips

Packing beauty products for a trip is never easy. There’s the risk of spills and shattering, the trials and tribulations of the 100ml 20×20 bag, and the worry that you’re going to forget something desperately important. I travel a fair bit for work, and whilst splitting my time between London and Bournemouth got pretty good at packing, so I thought I’d share a few beauty packing tips that will hopefully make the process a little easier for you on your next trip.

Buy all the mini bottles…

There are very few products that you’re likely to need a full size of for a trip, so making your beauty stash more compact with reusable travel bottles is the most space-efficient way to pack beauty products. If you’re travelling for longer than 10 days – two weeks, consider buying things you’ll use more of, like shampoo and body wash, once you arrive at your destination. If not, get decanting! You can pick up sets really cheap on Amazon, or in Boots and Superdrug. I love Muji too, but I’m currently using this set from Amazon, which was cheap and chips and is a good starting point if you’re not sure what you’ll need.

…and go ham with a label maker.

My Dymo label maker has been handy for pretty much everything, jars in my kitchen, drawers in my office, and reusable travel bottles! I decant a lot of stuff when I travel, the usual suspects like shampoo and conditioner, and moisturisers, but also a few unusual ones too, often foundation, primers and aloe vera gel. You don’t want to get your moisturiser and conditioner confused though, so labelling everything up really helps make life easier when you’re jet lagged and trying to wash your face.

Save all your samples.

Whenever I get a sample it goes straight into a basket in my office to be used for travel. Things like sachets of moisturiser are great for overnight trips – you can use them up and throw them out, whilst things like gift with purchases or deluxe samples come in handy when you’re packing for a week away.

Put what you can into individual ziplock bags.

ESPECIALLY if you’re flying anywhere. The cabin pressure means it’s sods law that something will explode in your makeup bag, so help protect yourself against a whole lot of mess by wrapping liquids in individual ziplock bags. That way if the worst happens you’re only clearing up one bottle, not 10 plus your favourite dress and a pair of suede heels (yep, that’s happened to me before…).

Pick packaging carefully.

Leave bulky perfume bottles, glass foundation bottles and soft powder compacts at home! Pick lightweight rollerball perfumes, plastic packaged foundation and secure compacts, to be sure you’re not going to open your suitcase to smashed glass or a smashed highlight. When picking out products I’m not going to decant, I’ll always pick the most travel friendly packaging, things like my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue which is in a lightweight squeezy tube, or my Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Duo which is a dinky two-in-one in a handy cardboard compact.

Pack a list.

Hear me out on this one because I know it sounds mad, but when you’ve packed your beauty products, write a list of everything and pop it in your washbag. Then when you’re packing up to come home, you can refer to the list and avoid any lipsticks left in bathrooms (the nightmare scenario, right?).

What are your tips for packing beauty products?

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  • Such a lovely handy, helpful post! I’m going away in November so these tips will come in useful. I always keep samples, even the ones that come in magazines!

    Madi x