A Summer Reading List

I’ve been so excited to get back into reading over the last couple of months! After having more than a healthy dose of general anaesthetic at the beginning of the year, it was a really long time before I could concentrate on anything, books, tv, even scrolling through social media was a struggle. My head felt like it was full of porridge, and concentrating on anything was a struggle! Over the last six weeks or so, I’ve finally started to get some of that back, so I’ve been powering through my growing reading list, and plotting my next reads! So today I’m sharing my summer reading list, featuring a few books I’ve already read this summer! 

Jodi Picoult Small Great Things. Starting with this because I’ve had it on my to read pile since January, JANUARY. Shocking I know. I’ve read every book by Jodi Picoult, my mum and I used to have a JP book club together which was great. Anyway, Picoult’s books are always beautifully written and touch on some pretty heavy issues (my favourite is Change of Heart), so I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into this one when I have a little more time.

Neil Hughes Walking On Custard. I started reading this book after my surgery but got fed up with not being able to concentrate, so I decided to put it down til I was feeling better. WELL THE TIME IS NIGH. This book was sent to me by a friend who recommended it as a fantastic read for anyone with anxiety – I’ll report back!

Lauren Graham Talking As Fast As I Can. Another half finished casualty of three general anaesthetics, I’ve got about three chapters left to finish with this but I’ve enjoyed it so far, it’s a witty, interesting look at Lauren’s life, a must read for any Gilmore Girls/Parenthood fans!

Penny Parkes Out Of Practice. I’ve just finished this series on my iPad, if you’re after an easy chick-lit summer read with compelling characters this is your bag. Good poolside reading if you’re looking for something to switch off to.

Rainbow Rowell Fangirl. I read this a while ago but I’m looking forward to picking it up for another read! Rainbow Rowell’s books always fall into the ‘can’t-put-this-down’ category for me, and I tend to rush through them so fast on the first read that I need to go back and revisit them a while later. If you’re into compelling YA Fiction, pick this one up!

Anxy Magazine The Anger Issue. I’ve had this sat on my shelf for a month or two now, it was recommended to me by the lovely owner of Magalleria in Bath, and I’m excited to flick through it. Anxy describe themselves as creating a discussion on mental health through a creative lens, so I’m excited to see what they’ve produced.

What’s on your summer reading list?