New Specs with David Clulow

Little known fact, if it weren’t for my glasses I definitely wouldn’t be road safe, so when the lovely lot at David Clulow asked if I wanted to pop down and pick up some new Ray Ban specs I was all ears! 

I find getting new glasses pretty stressful in all honesty, I always feel like the vision examination is a test I’m failing – or worse a test the optician thinks I’m trying to fail, and I always worry that I look like an idiot in every pair, but that they’re going to try and sell me the most expensive pair just to make some money from me. I’m pleased to report that certainly wasn’t the case at David Clulow.

I booked in for an appointment with my girl Lauren at the Covent Garden store, mostly so we could go for juice after. There are a few David Clulow locations scattered around London, all located handily close to tube stations + in pretty central, busy locations.

We arrived a little early for our 10.30 appointment but we were greeted warmly, offered ice cold water (a godsend in the near 30 degree heat already) and we had a little look at the glasses available in store before heading downstairs for our appointment.

Sat downstairs in the cool air conditioning, we waited for our optician to be ready. Whilst we were sat there another member of staff answered a few spec-related questions we had and offered advice on cleaning our glasses too. I also noticed that there was someone pottering around cleaning whilst we were there, which was nice to see – since the whole place already looked spotless!

I went in first and my optician Gary was warm and friendly, and managed to make a pretty thorough 20 minute appointment fly by. He was definitely a perfectionist, tweaking everything by just a hair until I had the perfect prescription. We talked about how I find driving, particularly at night, without my glasses pretty scary, and he very calmly explained that I was perfectly within the legal limits to drive during the day, but at night I needed to make sure I was spec-d up. He also showed me the difference between lenses with anti-glare coating and without, and explained how they would help me deal with the lights of other cars when driving at night. He was incredibly nice and patient with me, and helped me find a prescription that made me feel like I was seeing everything in HD!

Lauren had her appointment, and then we headed back upstairs to pick out our frames! The team on the shop floor were so helpful, recommending shapes and colours to suit our faces, and I felt like they were very honest about what looked good and what didn’t, which was refreshing! I settled on the RB7117 frames pretty quickly, whilst Lauren looked good in EVERY pair, so we ended up having a bit of a debate with her pair!

A few quick measurements were taken and then we were free to go with assurances our glasses would be ready to collect in around a week! In actual fact we both received texts within four days to say our frames were ready to collect, so we were pretty impressed with that turnaround!

We were surprised to be greeted so warmly when we returned to pick up our glasses, especially surprised that the staff remembered us, and even remembered the other glasses we’d tried on! A few checks to make sure the glasses were sitting correctly + looking good, and we were off, after we’d been talked through our warranties and told to pop into any store should we have any issues or need adjustments.

I’m so pleased with the frame themselves, they’re a pretty tortoiseshell brown on the front, but the arms are a pretty, lightweight silver and blue metal. They’re different to any I’ve seen before, and I loved how lightweight they are, I can barely feel them when they’re on!

If you’re after a new pair of glasses, I’d definitely recommend having a look to see if there’s a David Clulow near you, I can’t fault the service or the quality of the product we received!

Big thanks to Lauren for taking these snaps, what a talented super babe she is.

Are you a glasses wearer?

Lauren and I were offered a free eye test and pair of glasses in exchange for this review, but as always all thoughts on my own!