Dressing For Hot Weather

The hot weather we’ve been having in England this year is no joke, we’re a country designed to keep heat in and so with temperatures regularly above the late 20s this Summer, it’s been a difficult place to live! It’s hard to enjoy the heat when you’re hot and sticky, so I wanted to share a few of my tips on dressing for hot weather, in the hopes it might help keep some of you cool this summer!

Pick lightweight, natural fabrics.

This is no time to be wearing viscose or polyester, the aim of the game here is comfort and lightweight, breathable fabrics are your BFF. Pick clothes made from 100% cotton, linen or chambray that will give you room to breathe, they’ll likely cost you more but they’ll make the world of difference when it comes to comfort! Make sure your knickers are cotton too, trust me, you’ll thank me for that one.

Dress in light colours.

Steer clear of your LBD or your dark tshirts, and opt for light and bright shades that won’t absorb all the heat. Take my word for it as someone who usually dresses exclusively in black – now is not the time! White cotton dresses, pastel linen tees, light wash denim shorts are what you want right now!

Pick silhouettes that are loose around the arms.

Nobody wants a tight fitting tee squirrelling it’s way into their armpits in this heat. Size up in tshirts or pick a silhouette with a lower arm so you’ve got room to breathe and, er, sweat. Same goes for any other areas you’re prone to getting a little sweaty, steer clear of skin tight denim, or tops that will cling to every clammy bit of you!

Cover your shoulders.

The amount of times I’ve been burned because I’ve opted for something strappy! Covering your shoulders will not only protect your skin from the harshest of the suns rays, but will also keep you a little cooler since the sun isn’t directly warming your skin! I love pieces like this dress, which cover you to your elbows but keep your forearms free to enjoy the sunshine!

Shoes that let your feet breathe.

There’s nothing worse than having your feet cooped up in tight, sweaty shoes. Your feet will naturally swell a little in the heat, so pick sandals with minimal straps and coverage to give your feet air and room to grow! You’ll be comfier + much cooler than if your feet are strapped up in 50 pieces of leather.

And if in doubt, just buy a giant ice cream to help stay cool!

What are your tips for dressing for hot weather?

Photos by the babin’ Lauren Shipley – isn’t she good!