Lovely Things #12

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about a few lovely, simple joys round these parts, so time for some more I think! 

Swimming in the sea.

Twice this month Connor and I have braved the cold temperatures of the English Channel for a dip! I normally avoid the sea at all costs, I’m terrified of fish + seaweed I think is fish, plus I was once stung by a Weever fish which is pretty off putting, but it’s been so hot we just had to cool down! The beach is a ten minute walk from our flat, so we’ve been pottering down to spend an hour bobbing about in the sea. There’s something so enjoyable about it, and it’s a sure fire way to persuade Con to leave his computer!

Fresh blooms from Blossoming Gifts.

The wonderful team at Blossoming Gifts sent me a gorgeous bouquet last week, and it was the perfect summery pick me up after the weather turned more November than July! The bouquet is the Brighton Rock from their Summer Flower Selection, and I can’t believe how pretty it is, and how long the flowers have lasted!

My sofa!

The second half of our sofa finally arrived a couple of weeks ago, and it’s made our living room actually feel like a usable, liveable space. We’ve spent more evenings than not since it’s arrival snuggled up on it, feasting on cheese + charcuterie, sipping cocktails from the bar cart and watching Grand Designs. I think this is how it feels to be middle aged at 23!

Walking more.

Arguably the best thing about being settled into our new flat is the location. We’re a five minute walk from town, ten from the beach and surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks on all sides. It’s been a great encouragement to get out and walk more, whether that’s into town for a coffee, down to the beach for breakfast, or just for an evening stroll in the golden hour light. I feel better for moving more, especially now that I’m back spending more time at my desk!

Getting somewhere with my office.

There’s still a long way to go, I need to take a trip to IKEA for a big storage unit for most of my stationery supplies, but my office feels like it’s finally coming together. Connor updated my desktop Mac for me and now that’s set up at my desk, we made up the spare bed, and hung a few bits on my walls. This room has kinda been left til the end, it was more important we had a functioning bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. but now that everything else is pretty much done, it’s been nice to spend time making my office a functioning space!

What’s been making you happy recently?

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  • Home improvements always make me happy! I’m doing lots of little projects over the summer and it’s such fun to be feeling organised!

  • I love swimming in the sea, I find it so refreshing and freeing for some reason!

    Lucie | Forever September