July Favourites

July favourites time is here and honestly I feel a bit shell shocked that tomorrow will be August. Someone at work was talking about Christmas this week and I was nearly sick, where is time going?

July has been a manic one for me and it doesn’t look like it’ll be letting up any time soon! I’m headed to Ibiza this week on a press trip which I’m so excited about, but also means things are going to be busy work wise when I’m back – it’s all a balancing act I suppose! 

I’ve been compiling my favourites this month in a list in my bullet journal and there are fewer beauty favourites than normal and more fashion bits. That’s just how it goes sometimes, and I didn’t want to force myself to pick out beauty products just for then sake of this video, so instead you’ve got a mish mash of all sorts of things (including a human favourite!) so hopefully you enjoy!

What have you been loving this month?


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