August To Do List

August is starting off on a high note this week, as I’m off on a whirlwind trip to Ibiza tomorrow with some other blogging babes! I’ve never been on a  girls holiday before, I’ve always traveled with Connor or family so this is a total first for me and I’m so excited! I’ve got quite a bit of travel themed content coming your way this month because of that, but I’ve also got an impressive August to do list that should keep things busy around here this month even after the post-holiday blues hit.

Splurge on some new sunglasses with my prescription in. It’s getting a bit silly stacking my driving glasses and sunglasses to drive, I think it’s about time I admit defeat and order a pair of prescription sunnies. I’ve got my eye on a pair of folding RayBans, but there’s also a Fendi pair calling my name.

Have another wardrobe clearout. The move has unearthed a lot more clothes than I remember having and I’m almost slightly ashamed of the number of jumpers in my wardrobe right now. I’m hoping to rope a friend into a day of wardrobe clearing out, with try on sessions and ruthless decluttering!

Pick up more cushions for the sofa. Now that we have a whole sofa and not just half, the cushion selection is looking a little sparse. I’m thinking some white fluffy cushions and maybe something with a gold accent?

Look into some counselling sessions. After the whirlwind year and a half we’ve had, losing my grandad and Connor’s dad, my dad’s accident and my health problems, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed. I think so much happened I’ve just been getting through it rather than dealing with it, and perhaps looking into some counselling sessions wouldn’t be the worst thing. Gotta look after the brain you know!

Treat myself to a silly summery manicure. Neon green with gold glitter, or palm tree nail art. Just something over the top and bold before Autumn creeps in.

Visit Candlelight Nights in Bournemouth Gardens. Every August Bournemouth Gardens is filled with tealights laid out to create beautiful patterns, and you can visit just after dusk to help light them all. It’s something I remember doing as a child and I’d love to go down there again!

Make Connor my Champagne Sangria. A discussion with Connor the other day led to the realisation I’d never made him Champagne Sangria! It’s a recipe my dad and I have honed over the years, that we pursuaded a bartender in a tiny bar in the south of Spain to share with us. It’s delicious, and the perfect summer evening drink!

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What’s on your August To Do list?

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