Wardrobe Staples + Where To Buy Them

If you’ve read any of my previous style posts you’ll know I’m all about beautiful, classic pieces in staple colours, that I know I’ll wear all the time. I’ve never really been one for fashion trends, you’ll never find me in anything that isn’t comfortable, and I like to invest in clothes I know will last. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my wardrobe staples, and where I shop for them!

BASIC TEES: Topshop + Zara

Basic tees are a tricky one, there can be a temptation to shop cheap and replace regularly. I used to sit firmly in this camp, picking up plain black, white and grey tees from Primark by the bucketful, and chucking them out when they started to look a little ratty (normally pretty quick, within three or four months normally). These days though, I like to spend a little more on something that lasts. For plain black, white + grey tees, I own two of each colour from Topshop of these tees, they wash really well, they’re a flattering shape + they aren’t too thin. For slouchier plain tees or stripey tees, I love Zara, for affordable plain tees in a whole host of colours that won’t fall apart after a few washes.


I bloody love Zara shirts. In fact, with two exceptions, all the shirts I own are from Zara. I’ve got smarter work shirts, slouchier errand day shirts, and shirts for somewhere in the middle. Their shirts tend to range from around £15-£40 but they have such a wide range of cuts, styles and fabrics, you’re almost guaranteed to find what you want. I also love All Saints shirts (note the two exceptions from my Zara shirt collection) but these come at a much more purse tightening price, so head there for an investment piece, or to Zara for your everyday essentials.

KNITWEAR: Whistles

A splurgy one here but hear me out. Knitwear is a wardrobe staple for me, my favourite sweaters I’ll wear day in day out and I want stuff that can hold up to being worn on the regular, as well as things that are cut well, made of a beautiful fabric and, most importantly, can be thrown in the washing machine on a wool wash. Because of this, I seem to have settled on Whistles as my go to for new knitwear, I love how they cut their jumpers and sweaters to be incredibly flattering, their fabrics are always thick and good quality. I know that if I need a new jumper, I can walk into Whistles on any day and find one.

BRAS: Victoria’s Secret

I used to be vehemently opposed to expensive bras, spending any time bra shopping pissed at the patriarchy and their refusal to deem bras a necessary (and therefore free) item. BUT four years ago after many years of bras I didn’t quite love, I got fitted at Victoria’s Secret and everything changed. Being of a slightly bigger bust + fairly unusual size (I measure up as a 34DDD which is a size I didn’t even know existed) I was used to bras being uncomfortable and restrictive. Putting on a Victoria’s Secret Perfect Coverage bra all those years ago was a revelation, it was like I no longer had boobs – I couldn’t feel them at all! Fast forward four years and every bra in my wardrobe is from Victoria’s Secret. No they’re not cheap, generally clocking in at around £40 per bra, but they fit perfectly, are so comfortable, super flattering and sexy too. Because I’m an awkward size too, I often find a handful of them in the Semi-Annual sale half price, so it’s worth rooting around in the carnage!


I’m talking everyday leggings, not gymwear here (that’s Victoria’s Secret too for me, can’t beat their Ultimate Yoga Pant!), but I’ve been faithful to Zara leggings for years now. Every season they come out with some new iteration of plain black leggings, and I inevitably buy every pair. Sometimes they have eyelets, sometimes zips, but they’re always super thick (no risk of see through butt here) and they come up quite high which I like – holds any lumps and bumps in! They tend to be between £17-£20, and they last really well.

JEANS: Topshop + American Eagle

I have a soft spot for American Eagle jeans, at age 16 pulling on a pair of AE Jeggings, it was the first time I’d ever felt like a pair of jeans fit me (being tall with hips and no bum to speak of isn’t ideal for jeans). These days I’ve moved on from jeggings, but I still have my trusty black skinnies from American Eagle, as well as a few pairs of distressed boyfriend fit jeans. American Eagle have pretty much every fit and style you can think of, so jean shopping in there is easy, you’re guaranteed to find something. I’ve also got a fair few pairs of Topshop Jamie jeans, since until recently it was almost impossible to get American Eagle in the UK. I find for the most part Topshop jeans to not have the quality you’d expect from the price, but the Jamie jeans are the most jean-like, not too stretchy and not too high waisted. They’re flattering but not super cheap since I tend to find they need replacing after 6 months or so.


I bought a pair of Nike 6.0s when I was fifteen in the staff outlet, and I’ve worn them pretty much everyday since and they still look like new. I’ve since bought a second pair because I love them so much, even though they’re almost identical. They’re super lightweight with great arch support, so they’re incredibly comfy, and they just go with everything. Even if they don’t, I don’t care and I just wear them anyway.

Those are my wardrobe staples, what are yours?