The Best of Affordable Nude Lip Products

If you know much about me, you’ll know nude lipsticks are my jam. I love a lip product I can slap on without much thought or attention that just makes me look a little more polished. And finding that in a product that doesn’t break the bank? Ideal. As you can imagine (with my penchant for beauty products) I’ve amassed quite the collection of dreamy affordable nude lip products that don’t break the bank…

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Naked Talent: These lipsticks really aren’t talked about enough! I’d compare them to something like a MAC Cremesheen formula, pigmented, but glossy and comfortable on the lips. The shade Naked Talent is a pretty peachy nude, and is so blooming easy to wear. This lives in my handbag 24/7, because I know it’ll go with anything. At £9 it’s one of the pricier items in this lineup, but if I was only going to own one, it’d be this.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm in As IfAwful name, wonderful product. This is a similar shade to the Soap and Glory offering, but a sheerer, more balm like formula. The sheerness means it’s easy to apply even without a mirror, and it just imparts a little glossy colour, making the lips look a little more groomed. It’s packaging is a little on the cheap side, making it not super handbag friendly (the lid pops off and cracks really easily) but I can forgive that for the £5.99 price tag.

Sephora Oil Infusion Lip Colour + Care in Iced Latte: My go to for dry lip days, this is essentially a tinted lip oil. It’s very sheer, imparting the slightest hint of colour, but it’s incredibly comfortable on the lips. It doesn’t leave things feeling sticky at all, and comes it at a respectable £6, depending on the exchange rate.

L’Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipstick in Silencio: This is such a weird product, but one I wear a lot. It’s rare to get a comfortable matte lipstick, never mind a good nude one, but this ticks all the boxes. It’s a powder formula with a sponge tip applicator, in a gorgeous peachy nude shade. I can apply this at 7am and know it’ll still be intact by bedtime no matter how many burgers I eat, a quality I really appreciate in my lipsticks. They come in at £7.99 and are worth every penny.

L’Oreal La Lacque Lip Pen in Choco-lacque: The pinkest offering in the line up, although this swatches super pink, on the lips it’s a little more neutral looking. I love the formula of this, it almost reminds me of a glue, although it’s glossy and comfortable, it sets down and stays put all day. It also leaves a slight stain to the lips, so if you were going coffee mad, it wears off evenly, These aren’t yet available in the UK so I can’t link it up, but I remember it being under $10.

Nyx Lip Lingerie in Push UpI put off trying these liquid lipsticks for the longest time because I find most of the shade range quite questionable. They all seem to pull really grey on my skin tone! I love the shade Push Up though, it’s a gorgeous ‘true nude’ not too pink and not too brown. The formula is very traditional liquid lipsticks, reminiscent of the Sephora Matte Lip Creams, it’s quite thick and drying, but longwearing and a nice opaque colour. These come in at £7, so chucking one in your basket at Boots when picking up essentials isn’t too naughty!

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colour in Desert: I’ve blabbed about this one a lot recently so I’ll keep it short and sweet. A pretty nude with pink undertones, this lipstick is so effing comfortable. Put it on and you’ll forget you’re wearing it. The gel formula really evens out the lips without making things feel thick and heavy, and it looks super glossy. Currently on sale for £5.99 in Superdrug – you won’t regret snapping it up.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm: And last but not least, I had to shout out to these Nyx beauties. There’s just something about them. Moussey in texture, they’re different to anything else in my collection, and incredibly comfortable to wear. It’s not as long wearing as the Lip Lingerie, but definitely more comfortable, so it depends what you’re after. I love the shade Stockholm, it’s peachy without leaning too orange, and looks great with a bronzey eye look and lots of highlight. These are £6 which translates to utter bargain.


There you have it, my lineup of favourite budget friendly nude lipsticks! Have I missed one of your favourites? Let me know in the comments!