Lovely Little Things #10

Long time no speak you guys! I’m sorry for the radio silence round these parts recently. I’ve been having a few health issues, and I was booked in for a surgery back at the beginning of February. I scheduled up content for up to a week or so after the surgery, expecting I’d be back at it by then. But then things didn’t quite go to plan, and I ended up feeling really crappy, fed up, and waiting for another surgery to fix me up.

So I’m going back in on Tuesday to be fixed up, but I’ve spent pretty much all the time since the first procedure in bed, so that’s sucked.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks time I’ll be on the mend, but I wanted to pop in before then to let you guys know I haven’t abandoned you all! I’ve got so many content ideas I want to get cracking on!

In the meantime, I thought I’d round up some lovely things, and I’d love for you guys to let me know in the comments any happy things going on with you, or things you’ve been loving recently – cheer me up!

Fresh flowers

:: Fresh Blooms :: The one nice thing about being under the weather, is the fact that people keep buying you flowers! A few days after my surgery, the postman delivered a box of fresh flowers from Bloom and Wild (top photo) courtesy of my fave girl Tami, aren’t they beautiful?! Until these arrived, I’d never had flowers from a florist before, so aside from the fact they were a gift from one of my best friends, they were pretty special to me! I’ve been super impressed by how long these have lasted, they’ve been on my windowsill nearly two weeks and they’re only just starting to curl at the edges. (P.S. if you fancy ordering some letterbox friendly blooms for yourself or a friend, you can use THIS link for £10 off your first order!)

I also had a visit last week from my oldest friend, my best friend from school. Not only did her popping by cheer me up to no end, she bought with her this beautiful bouquet of roses, combined with this beautiful purple flower I’ve never seen before. If anyone can tell me what it is I’d be very grateful, they’re so gorgeous I’d love to buy some more in the future!

Whilst we’re on the flower note, it’s nearly tulip season! Nothing signals the arrival of spring quite like tulip season! There’s something about a fresh bunch of tulips that makes me so excited! I can’t wait to pick some up!


:: Furry Friends :: Being back home has it’s perks, four legged perks to be precise! Being confined to your bed is much easier when you have three cats and one puppy to snuggle with! Things have been a little delayed with our flat, but spending more time at home has made Con and I realise that our new flat will definitely need a furry friend!

Spring Blossom

:: Spring Blossoms :: I haven’t been well enough to go out and about much, but on the odd trip out (normally persuading Connor to drive me to get coffee, or a hospital appointment) it’s made me so happy to see the first sproutings of blossom on the trees! I love Winter, but having been unwell I’m really craving sunshine, so I can’t wait for the sun to reappear!


:: Lunch Dates With Mama :: I had a hospital appointment in Southampton this week, and since we were out, mum and I popped into West Quay for a spot of lunch. West Quay has recently expanded and acquired a few more eateries, and I was so excited to see Wahaca was one of them! I’ve had so many great meals in Wahaca in London that I jumped at the chance to have lunch there! It was great to hang out with my mum (and eat our feelings after a particularly scary hospital appointment!).

Anyway, let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving recently, and the happy things in your lives!

Big love xxx