A Little Charlotte Tilbury Splurge

On a January sales inspired perusal of Bicester Village, I stumbled upon the most wonderful sight. A Charlotte Tilbury Sale Truck. I can hear your gasps of surprise, so here’s a photo for proof – this magical being really does exist.

Charlotte Tilbury Gift Truck

See! Isn’t that one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever set your eyes on?!

So now we’ve established the truck of dreams exists, let’s talk about it!

Rocking up to the truck, you can pick from a choice of limited edition products, and purchase them for a third off. A lot of products were already sold out, as I happened to come across the truck on it’s last day in Bicester, but it was packed full of goodies nonetheless. I was sorely tempted by the advent calendar, still extortionate at £100 but a steal compared to the full retail price of £150, but in the end I settled for a smaller, more sensible purchase.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Palette

Firstly, can we talk about how freaking beautiful this packaging is?! Charlotte Tilbury packaging is gorgeous anyway, but add in that smattering of limited edition gold stars and my heart is just dancing. I own a fair few Charlotte Tilbury products, but could never stomach the cost of the eye shadow quads, so this is the first I’ve added to my collection.

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel

Introducing the Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Eyeshadow quad. Containing four of the most beautiful, buttery smooth eyeshadow shades, wrapped up in perfect packaging, just looking at this quad makes me feel happy.

Inside you’ll find Fallen Angel #1 – a light champagne shimmer shade that’s perfect as an inner corner highlight, or an all over the lid shade on more minimal makeup days. It’s similar to Stila’s Kitten, but lighter, making it better for my skintone! There’s Fallen Angel #2 (as you can see, the shade names are VERY creative!), a warm taupe shade with a strong metallic finish. I adore this shade, swiped across the lid it’s frosty and pretty + it compliments my hazel eyes well. Fallen Angel #3 is a warm bronze with reddy undertones. It’s the most opaque and buttery smooth of the bunch, applying completely opaque on first stroke. It’s a gorgeous shade I’m so excited to wear. And lastly Fallen Angel #4 is a matte black with a slightly pearly finish, making it different to any other blacks in my collection. Perfect applied lightly to the crease to deepen the shadows, or as a smudgy liner along the lashline.

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Swatches

I sometimes think smaller palettes are better, because I know I’ll get so much use out of all four of these shades! At £30 it’s still a high price point, but I think it’s worth it, especially if you’re after one luxe palette you can use every day for multiple looks.

I love all the little details with Charlotte Tilbury products too, the little stars embossed into the powders, the etching in the mirror + the luxe feel of the packaging.

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel

So one smug Jaye we have here! The girls in the truck were also super generous and gave me a TON of samples to try out, so I’ll be all Charlotte Tilbury for days!

Are you a fan of Charlotte Tilbury Products?

Charlotte Tilbury Samples

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  • Gosh, what a gem!!!

    • So cute right!

  • Oh, that’s such a gorgeous palette!! The truck is so awesome as well, is it a permanent fixture, or is just to promote the sale? I’ve never been to Bicester village, but if CT are there, I may take a trip!!

    Becky // Colourful Sins

    • Isn’t it beautiful! Unfortunately it was it’s last day in Bicester when I was there but hopefully it’ll pop up in other places!

  • This is literally my dream! How amazing is that truck?
    Like all things Charlotte Tilbury, it’s perfect! 🙂 I love the quad you picked up!
    I wonder if the truck will be touring the country or become a permanent fixture there as I would definitely make a trip down to Bicester Village solely to shop the Charlotte Tilbury sale!

    Ellis – http://www.ellistuesday.com

    • The day I was there was the last day the truck was going to be in Bicester sadly, and they weren’t sure what was happening to it there (the girls working on the truck were Bicester employees not CT employees) but that there were rumours that it would be doing some festivals + pop ups!

  • Omg I’m actually so jealous of you right now! 😛


    • Haha I’m almost a bit jealous of myself!

  • Firstly how cute is the Chartlotte Tilbury truck, it looks amazing! The shades in the Fallen Angel palette looks heavenly too 🙂 xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    • Isn’t it gorgeous! I am so in love with it! xx

  • Oh my gosh – a sale truck?! That is the best idea ever and it is sooo cute! I remember this palette, it’s so gorgeous and wearable!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • It’s so cute right?! I hope they’ll be taking it on a bit of a tour! It’s beautiful, I’m so glad I snagged it!

  • Tarryn B

    Wow, those swatches make that palette look even more beautiful! I wish Charlotte Tilbury was sold in South Africa… I once ordered a palette from Selfridges for a friend’s bday and got it shipped to this side of the world… The duties on it were the same-ish as the price of the palette *sob* ONE DAY I’LL BE A PROUD OWNER!

    • Right?! I could have left it until I swatched it, the colours are SO gorgeous! Oh man that totally sucks! ONE DAY GIRL ONE DAY!