20 Offline Pursuits To Try In 2017

We’re all guilty of spending too much of 2016 glued to our phones, laptops, tablets + Apple Watches, so I think we could all benefit from a few more offline pursuits this year!  It supposedly only takes 18 days to form a habit, so with 18 days of January left, I thought I’d chat about little positive habits you can introduce to your 2017 today.

  1. Try a new recipe. Get on Pinterest, flick through an unloved recipe book, or phone your nan – just get in the kitchen and get cooking! I’m excited to try this recipe for dinner next week, and perhaps give these a go too.
  2. Discover a new magazine. WHSmith have really upped their game when it comes to independent magazines recently! I rounded up some of my favourites here.
  3. Visit your local bakery. Buy fresh pastries + eat them tucked up on the sofa with a newspaper on a Sunday morning.
  4. Cosy-up your home. Hang fairy lights round your bed, cover your sofa in blankets, buy some new brushed cotton bedding. Embrace hygge in your home!
  5. Add stretching to your morning and evening routine. Help your body prepare + recover from the day, with a simple stretching routine. I like to start my day with a few sun salutations, and end with stretches designed to counteract sitting at your desk all day! Try these if you’re starting out.
  6. Find a new trail to walk. When you start looking, you’ll find that there are a lot more walking paths + hiking trails around than you would think! Find somewhere new you can go for an explore on a Sunday afternoon!
  7. Clean out your beauty stash. Get rid of anything you don’t use, or things that are just passed their best. Give your storage a good clean while you’re at it + your brushes a deep clean.
  8. Finish that scrapbook you started. Does anyone else have a bunch of half finished scrapbooks? Print your photos, jot down memories + go hell for leather with washi tape.
  9. Visit a local farmers market. Connor and I LOVE doing this, and yet don’t do it often enough! Find a farmers market and buy all the ingredients for a perfect Sunday lunch!
  10. Learn something new. You know those topics you always say ‘I’d love to learn more about that’? Learn about it! Find some books on the topic at your local library, and see what you can learn.
  11. Read more. There’s no such thing as reading too much.
  12. Have a pamper evening. Run yourself a bath, paint your nails, apply a face mask. Treat yo’self.
  13. Go for a drive. Connor and I do this a lot in the evenings, we jump in the car, play our favourite songs and drive out to the forest. And sometimes, we stop for McDonald’s milkshakes too!
  14. Try a new coffee shop. Is there an independant coffee shop you’re always driving past and wondering about? Go give it a go!
  15. Colour! There is no shortage of beautiful colouring books on the market these days, find one you love and indulge in a little colouring.
  16. Play boardgames. Connor received a Monopoly board for Christmas that’s a copy of the original edition, and there’s something so fun about curling up with a coffee + arguing over who gets to be the banker.
  17. Build a terrarium. Con bought me a terrarium for Christmas and planting it was one of the most soothing experiences of my life. Grab a deep bowl, some soil and a few dinky succulents and get planting!
  18. Write a letter. To an old friend, a new friend, or a long distance friend. Everyone loves receiving letters but nobody thinks to send them!
  19. Try a new fitness class. There are so many on offer these days, give Zumba, hot yoga or Body Balance a try.
  20. Keep a gratitude list. Of all the things you have in your life to be thankful for.

How do you spend your time offline?