Disneyland Snaps

I thought I’d cheer up our dreary Thursday by finally getting around to sharing some snaps from my trip to Disneyland back in December! I’ve got some other posts about my trip planned for the coming weeks, but is there anything happier in this world than Disneyland? No of course not.

There’s a right mishmash of photos here from my phone, G7X and main DSLR camera, so please excuse any lower quality snaps!

Disneyland Entrance

I was lucky enough to grab an impromptu day in Disney during my trip to California at the beginning of December. It wasn’t a planned part of our trip, rather a happy accident that everything fell into line for us to go! I had packed my Minnie Mouse ears just in case this happened, and man was I glad we did! We had breakfast, nipped to a few stores on my hitlist (Ulta Nordstrom Rack and Papersource), had a quick but delicious lunch at In-n-Out, and then headed out to Anaheim.

Christmas Disney Parade

Buzz Lightyear Christmas Parade

This was my third trip to the California Disney park and I think it was the best trip. At this point I know the park well enough to know what I want to hit, what I need to grab a fastpass for, what rides are quiet at what times, and where you’re likely to find characters, which saves time faffing with the app!

We entered the park just in time to catch the Christmas parade! Is there anything that can make you more festive than reindeer dancing to Disney tunes, ahead of Buzz Lightyear riding a giant stack of toys? I THINK NOT MY FRIENDS! There was something so wonderfully magical about watching the parade on a festive Main Street, combined with that just walked into the park feeling you get at Disney! It was the first time in the run up to Christmas that I actually felt festive, and was probably the highlight of my trip!

Woody Christmas Parade

Main Street Disney

We made our way down Main Street as the parade ended, and headed straight for Tomorrowland. The park was extra busy as it was the week of Walt Disney’s Birthday, so we figured if we wanted to get on Space Mountain (and not queue the estimated 90 minute wait time) we needed to grab Fast Passes. We got lucky and were able to grab some of the last Fast Passes of the day, so victory one under our belts, we headed off to get on some rides!

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

I’ve never visited a Disney park in the run up to Christmas before, but man do they go all out! Sleeping Beauty’s castle was festooned with snow, icicles, wreaths, baubles and ribbon, and looked more magical than I’d ever seen it before.


Pirates of the Caribbean

I love Disneyland Paris, but I do think the selection of rides in Anaheim is superior! We rode all my favourites including Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, the Matterhorn Bobsleds, the Haunted Mansion + Indiana Jones.

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion was all dressed up a la The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I think made it even better than the original ride! I loved seeing how different it was, and the sheer volume of work that goes into these experiences continues to blow my mind.Refreshments Main Street Starbucks Disneyland

By this point the sun was starting to dip and I was getting peckish! I take snacking in Disneyland very seriously, because ALL THE DISNEY THEMED SNACKS GUYS YOU GOTTA GET THE RIGHT STUFF. I of course wanted to nip into Starbucks and pick up a Disneyland Starbucks mug, and couldn’t resist trying a Strawberry Acai Refresha whilst I was there (a flavour we don’t have in the UK – boo, it was so good!). I was also overly excited that the Starbucks had special Disneyland cups! Mickey Mouse Pretzel

And really, did you even go to Disney if you didn’t have a Mickey Mouse Pretzel? We took ours up Tarzan’s Treehouse to eat looking out over the park!

Disney Candy Apples

I tried my hardest to resist all the sweet treats on offer, but just couldn’t resist picking out a big bag of Taffy to take home! You can’t buy saltwater taffy in England, so I didn’t feel too bad (although, I definitely ate a few pieces before we left the park!)Walt Disney

By the time we’d hit all our favourite rides, posed for photos and had a peek in the shops, it was almost midnight, and we were ready to drop! A whirlwind 12 hours in Disneyland, but it was so worth the trip!

Don’t forget to check out my vlog from Disney!



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