5 Simple Digital Decluttering Tasks

When January rolls around I always get the itch for a bit of a digital declutter. I get frustrated with the amount of emails I delete without reading, with all the social media noise, and with not being able to find anything on my desktop without three hours of searching. I’m rounding up five simple tasks to add to your to do list this week, that’ll help make your digital life a little quieter.

Unsubscribe before you delete. We’re all quick to swipe and delete those junk emails, but unless you take further action, you’re just going to keep getting them. As they come in, click through and unsubscribe before you delete, do your future self a favour.

Clean up your desktop files. Worry about the nitty gritty of filing every photo by date later, for now just sort out all the files piled up on your desktop. I sort mine into photos, videos, important documents, blog + freelance, and then sort them out later.

Delete unused apps on your phone. Make it easier to find Spotify when you get in the car, or Deliveroo when you’re craving burgers by getting rid of the apps you haven’t used in a while. Try not to be too precious, if you haven’t used it in six weeks say goodbye – you can always redownload if you need it later!

Set up an auto backup of important files. With TimeMachine, Dropbox or OneDrive, find a way that works for you and make sure you never lose invoices, contracts, your CV or that nice new headshot for Instagram.

Unfollow Social Media noise. News outlets you’re not interested in, old friends that irritate you when you see their status updates, or the pizza company that’s always spamming you with DMs on Twitter.

What are your tips for a digital declutter?