My Travel Essentials

As you read this post, I’ll be somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean, headed Stateside for a business trip. I have the best intentions to work during my 13 hour flight, but in all likeliness  I’ll be watching movies and stuffing my face with snacks – because the best part of long-haul flights is the unlimited free snacks. Since I’ve spent much of the last week whittling my possessions down to the absolute must haves, I figured this was as good a time as any to update you guys on my travel essentials, the things I absolutely am not leaving home without.

Starting with my hand luggage essentials, I’m not going anywhere without my travel neck pillow. I picked mine up in TKMaxx a few years back and it’s the best one I’ve tried. It’s memory foam and super firm, so it really gives the best support. Also comfort-wise, I always take a giant scarf that I can double up as a blanket. Usually I opt for a Zara one, this trip I’m taking one of their giant blanket scarves, it’s a neutral enough colour that it should go with most of the clothes I’m packing too.

I recently traded in my Air for the new MacBook which is perfect for travel, it’s so tiny and sleek. I always load it up with stuff to watch, and I’ll have a few videos to edit too. I also always travel with my Beats Solo headphones, they block out the plane noise, and they’re super comfortable, even for a 12 hour stint. I pack all my camera gear in my carry on, but I tend to just use my Canon G7X whilst I’m travelling. It’s dinky and compact, takes incredible high quality video, and is perfect for snapping photos on the go too.

I’m pretty low maintenance beauty-wise during flights, but my main goal is to stay hydrated. Aside from drinking a buttload of water, I also pack a good moisturiser and hand cream, I love the Grown Alchemist Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream, and the Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day CreamI always like to have my Caudalie Beauty Elixir on hand too, it’s great for refreshing throughout the flight. I also always travel with the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy, which keeps my eyes from getting puffy! I also always pack a few sachets of Emergen-C Vitamin C to make sure I don’t get ill, since I always seem to end up with a cold after travelling. I always chuck my Biofreeze Rollerball in my bag, it’s great for sore muscles and a lifesaver on a 13 hour flight.

I always travel with my This Works Stress Less Rollerball, just in case of impromptu anxiety flare ups. I also have a travel version of the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which I always travel with – it helps me drift off quicker, even in a new place. I always travel with my Kiehls Cilantro and Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque, which helps keep my skin looking clear and healthy even when I’m run down and have been travelling too much.

I recently invested in a new travel hairdryer, masters of hair GHD bought out their own as part of their Copper Luxe Christmas Collection, and god damn it’s awesome. All the power & functionality of a full size hairdryer, but in smaller, more compact packaging.

And that’s about it, those are my absolute must haves!

What can you not travel without?