3 New Luxury Loves

Well – it’s certainly been a while since I’ve felt so excited about high end beauty products. Today, I’ve got three new luxury beauty bits that have made their way into my daily rotation & my heart, in a short amount of time. 
There’s been a lot of discussion about the new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in blogging circles so I’ll throw my two cents in too. I’ve got the shade Light 0 (shocker, I don’t think I could be paler if I tried), and it’s a good colour match. I will say that certain primers do cause this to oxidise on me – but it really doesn’t need a primer, so just be careful what you’re layering it with. £30 gets you a generous 50ml, and a little goes a long way with this product, so I think that’s pretty good value for money in the scheme of things. Despite being branded a matte product, I’d say this is just more of a ‘natural’ finish. It’s not dewy or wet, but it’s by no means dry or totally matte either, it’s just a natural, skin-like finish, the kind I always reach for. It’s oil free but not drying on the skin, so I really think this will be a good one for all skin types. It sits somewhere in the light to medium coverage range despite being branded as a ‘skin tint’, and it blends easily and beautifully into the skin. I personally like going in with this on a Beauty Blender – and it’s become a bit of a go to for days when I want a little more coverage than a BB cream or Cushion Foundation can offer. 
The Urban Decay Spring drop got me a little hot under the collar when I spotted it on instagram, and swatching it in the Urban Decay Boutique did not leave me disappointed. I ended up picking up the Afterglow 8 Hour Highlighter in Sin, and the 24.7 Waterline Pencil in Walk of Shame, and I’m totally hooked on both.
The highlighter in Sin may have just taken over The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer as my favourite highlight – bold words I know, but this stuff is the perfect champagne shade for my complexion, is sheeny without being glittery, and when I wear this, I keep looking at myself in the mirror and thinking –damn girl, you glowy. It’s super smooth and blendable, and pigmented without making you look like a discoball. It works well on as an eyeshadow too if you’re looking to double up. This may just be my favourite beauty discovery of the year so far!
I’ve tried plenty of nude eye liners for brightening up the waterline, and whilst there are some great ones out there, none of them have ever become a part of my daily routine before like Walk of Shame has. It’s the perfect shade to neutralise any redness in my waterline and brighten things up, it’s creamy and easy to apply – but the real seller is that it’s much longer lasting than any other eyeliner I’ve ever used in the waterline. I can get a good six hours out of this and that’s miles ahead of anything else I’ve tried! I love how this instantly changes my face, making me look healthier and more awake in one quick step!
Phew that was a long one! Will you be trying any of these products?