Center Parcs – A Photo Diary

I had originally planned to Vlog my little staycation at Center Parcs with my mama, but when we arrived in our lodge I decided to devote myself entirely to the cause of R&R, and just let my batteries recharge without worrying about filming. That being said, I couldn’t help but get out and about exploring with my camera, so I thought I’d share my snaps with you.
If you’re interested, we stayed in an Executive Lodge at the Woburn village, which is a little smaller and a little quieter than the likes of the Longleat site. We stayed Friday through Monday, and other than Spa treatments we didn’t book any activities, just spent our time walking in the fresh air, and snuggled up in front of the fire, reading and watching chick flicks. Blissful.
 The whole purpose of our trip was to visit the spa and treat ourselves to a little pampering. You guys know by now that the last few months have been pretty intense for my family with my granddad being ill, so whilst he was off with my dad on his bucket list trip to Vegas, we checked into the Aqua Sana Spa.
We had Saturday morning to just explore the spa, indulging in steam rooms, foot spas, relaxation rooms, herbal baths and eventually having a little nap on the water beds. I now really want a water bed, they’re SO comfy, it’s like being hugged! The Center Parcs Spa has a lot of sections, the Blossom Spa, The Mineral Spa, The Herbal Spa, The Fire & Ice Spa, The Sensory Spa and the Salt Spa, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something you like. We particularly liked the Salt Steam, Sage Bath, Blossom Relaxation Room, and the Mineral Steam!
Across the weekend we both had a few treatments too, I got my nails done while my mum had a scalp massage, and we both had Elemis Superfood Facials and Swedish Body Massages. It was utterly blissful, the facial left my skin feeling plump and soft, and after the massage I felt like a whole new woman. Even if the massage therapist did say I had the tightest shoulders she’d ever worked on in her seven years as a beauty therapist – oops! 
 I think it’s safe to say I hit my Fitbit goal & some whilst I was away, I spent so much time exploring the woods with my camera! There’s something so satisfying about catching the light dancing on the forest floor through the lens, or the way the sky lights up as the sun begins to set. I’m so excited to get these photos printed for my Project Life album! 
 So yeah, basically, I’m pretty sad to be home now! 
Any recommendations for where I can get these photos printed?

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