10 Weekend Beauty To Do's

When Sunday rolls around it’s normally a day devoted to long walks in the park, coffee dates and prepping for the week ahead. I normally have a little list of chores to tackle, and this week I’m making it all beauty themed!
  1. Clear out. There’s no time like the present to clear out the makeup stash of anything expired, unused or unloved. A pre-Christmas clear out is definitely in order for me this weekend, I’m going for the ruthless approach – you can see my tips for a good clear out here.
  2. Clean up. Post clear out, go in for a good cleaning, antibac wipes at the ready for storage, acrylic is a fingerprint hoarder!
  3. Wash brushes. A task I’m always putting off. I like to use my Tea Tree Dr Bronners Magic Soap for a good deep clean. This is always a job that takes a good hour so Netflix on!
  4. A beauty rejigg. Have a good sort out, and pull out products that deserve a bit more love, and break out of your beauty comfort zone. I’m terrible for reaching for the same products every day, so a good move around helps every now and then.
  5.  Make a wishlist. And if the products are still on there at the end of the month, treat yo’self.
  6. Get inspired. Head to Pinterest for some beauty inspiration (and check out my beauty board while you’re at it).
  7.  Paint your nails. I hate painting my nails, I can’t sit still long enough to not smudge them. I’ve got a beautiful Rimmel polish calling my name though, so it will be done today!
  8. Deep condition. Because your ends deserve a little TLC.
  9. Moisturise. Because your skin does too. 
  10. Play! Experiment with a neon eyeshadow, try out a graphic liner, or practice your contour skills. Don’t forget that makeup can be fun!
What’s on your beauty to do list?

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