Falling For A Backpack

I still remember the day my mum finally let me trade my giant and practical school backpack for a much cooler Jane Norman over the shoulder tote bag. In that moment, I never once expected I’d be seen sporting a backpack again, definitely not by my own volition and absolutely not one I adored.
Right now though, I can’t get enough of this backpack. I’ve been looking for a perfect backpack for a while now and I think this is it. It’s not too big and not too small,  it’s structured but roomy, and it has a lot of pockets. It’s made of a bicast leather, so it looks good quality, but it’s less expensive, a little more durable and easy to wipe clean!
 I love that I can fit so much in this bag without it being bulky or too heavy to carry. It’s perfect for carting around my camera and lenses, or a big umbrella and my life planner. I love the design too, simple but classic.
 Despite being stuffed with goodies, there’s still plenty of room, and it doesn’t feel like it’s bursting at the seams. 
It’s got the essentials, my Whistles Coin Purse containing my most important cards and a little change, my Oyster Card Wallet, my iPhone and it’s charger so it doesn’t die on my. I keep a notepad to hand at all times, this one is perfect for slipping in the front pocket along with a pen. I’ve got the latest issue of Suitcase for a little tube reading, my mini vlogging camera, and a pouch containing my headphones and iPod
I keep my camera in there (but I was using it for these photos so it’s not pictured!) along with my spare lenses.
Two pairs of glasses, my reading glasses in their adorable Happy Jackson case, and my sunglasses just incase the sun decides to make an appearance. I love these ones from Quay, they’re so cute.
 And of course, a few beauty bits! My Bath and Bodyworks Cozy Vanilla Cream Pocket Bac, which smells like winter, and my Caudalie Hand Cream for when the winter cold hits. I’ve got my Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm to stave off dry lips, and my H&M Beauty Tinted Lip Balm for colour and hydration. And lastly, a mini bottle of Chloe perfume, so I can smell good wherever I am!
I think I’m a backpack convert!

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